National Half Marathon Week

In just seven days I run my first half marathon. So I hereby proclaim December 8-14 to be National Half Marathon Week. “Says who?” you may ask… well, says me!

There are many important aspects of preparing for a half marathon. The two most important keys to a good race are having the perfect wardrobe, and the perfect soundtrack.  
Here’s where you come in. I need suggestions from all of my music loving friends (like you, David!). No song is too crazy… my current running playlist includes Metallica, Ozzie, Britney, Miley, Keith Urban, Nirvana, Vanilla Ice, Tupac, and Faith Hill. I’ll take all your suggestions and publish my Perfect Half Marathon Running List later this week. 
Time for bed. For the next seven days I need to get lot’s of sleep, eat tons of carbs, and run!

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