My very own quilt: this time it’s my turn

I’ve made dozens and dozens of quilts, but I have never once made one that I could keep for myself. I’ve been too busy giving them away as gifts or selling them to pay for more quilting supplies.

But my husband won’t let me steal his quilt and I want one of my own, so I finally decided it was my turn. I found some great fabric – a jelly roll – on clearance at Joann’s that I just love, and I used leftover polka dot fabric from Wrenn’s baby quilt for the middle squares (I wanted a piece of her quilt inside of mine – oh the sappiness of pregnancy hormones). I’m almost finished whipping up the top.

my quilt1

I was inspired by this log cabin quilt from one of my favorite quilting bloggers and simply studied the picture, and got to cutting. This is another great pattern for when you’re 9 months pregnant and completely whale-ish, because there is no real pattern or need to get up and down off the floor – you just add layer after layer as you go. I finally stopped when I ran out of strips of fabric. (however, this is a LOT of ironing involved)

my quilt 2

I’m going to sew these into a white background and will probably add a border to add some width/length. My hope was to finish this before Baby Girl arrived, but with this bed rest thing, there is no quilting allowed, so I guess I’ll wait and finish her after Wrenn gets here. It’ll be my first naptime quilt.


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