My Mother’s Day Getaway

My husband is literally the best. He called me earlier this spring and said, “I found a necklace I really want to buy you for Mother’s Day. But then I thought, would you rather just have a weekend away in a hotel by yourself?”

He knows me, y’all. You know which one I chose.

And thus, I had my weekend away, where I only spoke to my masseuse and a few waiters. Other than that, I’ve been entirely quiet, and it has been quiet in my room. Nobody to care for. No schedule. No packing lunches and checking that everybody has a water bottle and a spare set of clothes and running a brush through my kids’ hair as they act like I’m torturing them.

None of that. For 48 hours, it has been total silence. Responsibility-free, schedule-free, stress-free silence.

For an introvert, it’s the absolute best Mother’s Day gift a girl could get.

Here’s what I did:

I worked on my latest quilt while watching the final season of The Sopranos on my phone (if you’re a fan, we HAVE to talk). I read two books. I took two long bubble baths. I got a massage. I napped. I laid out at the pool and drank a margarita. I did some writing. I slept late. I ordered room service. I didn’t put on makeup once.

It doesn’t make me a bad mom for enjoying a weekend away from my kids. It makes me normal. I love my children, and, it takes a lot of brain space to constantly juggle the logistics (with the help of my amazing husband, of course) of two other tiny people who aren’t yet ready to care for themselves. It takes a lot of energy to keep other humans alive and fed and nurtured and educated and disciplined and validated. And then you layer on all the other responsibilities of having a job, being an adult, a wife, a friend.

I’ve learned that time away, alone, to do absolutely nothing, is a really good way to recharge my batteries.

And now, on Sunday morning, after 48 hours away from my people, I am so ready to see them. I miss them terribly and can’t wait to enjoy being around them again. Self-care makes me a better mom. I can’t wait to get back to bedtime routines and packing bags and enjoying mealtime conversations and nurturing and educating and disciplining and validating.

And, I can’t wait to give their daddy a great big hug to say thank you for knowing me and knowing what I need.

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