My happy place

I’ve finally turned a corner and have been symptom-free for TWO DAYS! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. God is so good and I’m giving him all the credit for making me better. And I think I’m going to do a happy dance.
I finish all my meds tonight and head back to the doctor Wednesday to see if I’m infection-free. Please say a little prayer that I am, and that I can enjoy some healthy weeks. I have a beach trip soon and I am hoping beyond hope that I’m antibiotic-free so I can lay on the beach and work on my tan.
In honor of this very happy day, I thought I’d share some of my happy places.
My sweet little house in the suburbs. I built it myself, decorated it with my sister, and love it even more now that Mr. Right has made himself at home. My youngest sister told me once that my house reminds her of Christmas–I feel like there could be no greater compliment. My very favorite spots happen to be sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch, or having dinner with Mr. Right on the back porch (which we do quite often when the weather is good).
The Ballpark. I grew up going to games every week as a child, and somehow landed my dream job as an adult that included entertaining clients at games for several years. Yes, I love baseball, but even more, I love the sights and smells and sounds of the game. I like to drink my jumbo diet coke and snack on a lemon chill while cheering on the team I’ve loved since I was 6.
I’ve probably been to Estes Park, Colorado 20 times. Sitting on the porch of our cabin, sipping coffee and staring at the mountains is one of the most peaceful things I do. I’m ready to go back.
Places where you can watch sunsets. Doesn’t really matter where, but it helps if there’s a cute boy with me.
Anywhere in Europe. Big cities, rural towns, beaches… really, anywhere.
Restaurants where they serve this. It’s how my dad used to cheer me up as a young girl, and it’s what I crave on my very worst days. The best ones come from Braums.

Getting one of these… my happy place of choice happens to be here.
Anywhere this guy happens to be…

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