More adventures in the ER

In the past 12 months, as a family we have experienced:

  • Mr. Right had a major bicycle accident, which included a fractured bone and a major injury to his hip that almost required extensive surgery (translation: ER visit + multiple orthopedic surgeon visits).
  • I had a pregnancy-related blood-pressure scare that translated to an evening in the hospital and a week on bed rest.
  • WE HAD A BABY. (Yea! But that also means hospital stay + 8 million doctor appointments/vaccinations)
  • Wrenn and I had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (most glamorous week of my life).
  • Wrenn and I had RSV.
  • I got tendonitis in my wrist.
  • I got a benign tumor in my back.
  • Mr. Right and I had the stomach bug.
  • Mr. Right had another stress fracture in his foot.
  • I had an ear infection so severe I spent a weekend doped up on major pain medicine and the ear drum eventually ruptured.

Each time you read these, I want you to hear “Cha-Ching!” in your head. Because that’s the cost of doctor visits, hospital visits, prescriptions, shots… not to mention stress, trying to quarantine one or both parents from our baby girl, sleepless nights, trying to juggle childcare duties…

It’s been quite a year. No wonder I’m so tired.

Let’s add one more to the list – Mr. Right got shingles last week. On his face. Actually, on his eye and cheek. We started out thinking he had an allergic reaction to something, but I’m so thankful that Mr. Right followed that “something’s not right” gut feeling he had (he NEVER has that). Turns out that shingles on your eye is, like, the WORST PLACE TO GET IT, but thankfully we caught it within a few hours of it appearing. Two ER visits + two doctor visits + one week on quarantine to protect Wrenn from catching the chicken pox virus+ one trip to the store to buy Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer to wipe down everything in our house + a lot of pain and suffering by Mr. Right.

So yeah, it hasn’t been our best week.

But in my tendency to remember all of the random sickness/injuries we’ve faced in the last year, as I look over that list, I’m reminded of God’s grace, his healing, and his answered prayers.

  • Doctors told us surgery on Mr. Right’s hip was inevitable – his type of injury never improves on its own. We prayed like crazy people, and six weeks later, his hip had improved enough to avoid surgery. Praise the Lord.
  • My pregnancy blood-pressure spike was a one-time thing, and we had a healthy baby girl just a week later. That was just one of SO MANY MIRACLES we experienced during that very difficult pregnancy.
  • Wrenn had RSV, but she had a mild case, and never experienced the complications that make so many babies so very sick.
  • My tendonitis was treated with just a steroid shot, and my back tumor was benign and probably will never require surgery.
  • Mr. Right’s shingles never spread to his eyeball, which is very, very good news.

It’s easy to see all of the difficulties of the past year, but in retrospect, I see so much goodness. So many little miracles… reminders that God is our healer and our protector, and he is worthy to be praised regardless of our circumstances.

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