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My good friend David has challenged the blog world to write a post every day for the month of November. Apparently November is National Blogging Month. It also happens to be my birthday month, so if you’re looking for a reason to buy me a present, now you have two! (just kidding… I’ll settle for a funny-but-meaningful-and-heartfelt card and some cash).

I’m sitting here at Starbucks, trying to finish a long research paper due on Friday (I’m on page 18 of 20… almost there), and because I’ve consumed massive amounts of coffee, this blog may be a bit scattered. Which is why I will employ the numbering system… so I don’t confuse you. Or me.
1. I hate it when furniture companies pay homeless people to stand on the street corner with those giant “going out of business” signs. It’s absolutely terrible. First of all, why don’t you just follow your city’s regulations like the rest of us advertising folks and get a sign permit? Or run an ad? Or buy a billboard? But no, you would rather pay a homeless man in cash to stand there and humiliate himself and make me sad as he stands for hours at a time, in extreme weather conditions, holding your sign. It breaks my heart. Really. It makes me hate your store and makes me VERY glad you’re going out of business. If you really ARE going out of business. So tacky.
2. I’ve been asked to serve on an advisory board for my local school district’s school board. I’m so excited about this! We have our first meeting tomorrow night. This one excites me because I’m absolutely fascinated by education, and I love my local school district. Plus, the superintendent is the one who asked me, which was pretty special. So tomorrow night I’ll be putting on my big-girl suit and meeting with the superintendent, the administrator of curriculum, a few teachers, and five other community representatives. Yea! I wonder if these folks know that on the inside I’m really a huge dork who’s only pretending to be a grown-up. Please don’t blow my cover…
3. Today was Tiffany’s baby shower (shout out to Tiff, one of my few faithful readers!). It was a lot of fun, and not to brag, but I think my gift was the best. I made her a few custom-onesies with special sayings on them. My favorite was one that said “I want to be just like Bethe when I grow up.” I’m thinking about mass-producing them and then handing them out for birthday parties, baby showers, wedding presents… this could be the next big fad! Let me know if you’d like your own special version (Joel, I expect you to be first in line!).
Back to that paper… maybe…

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  1. Absolutely . . . best gift of the shower!!! I loved the onesies, Jim was fascinated by the one with her name on it, and was excited about the Champ onesie. I think the Bethe onesie is awesome, and she will definitely wear it. If my daughter grows up to be educated, successful, an independent thinker, and a great friend (all the qualities you have) then I will be a SUPER proud mom! Thanks for the gifts, they were awesome. The vest outfit is going to be apart of her three month photo shoot. Jim wants to buy a cowboy hat and boots to match! Ha.


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