Looks like she’ll be staying awhile longer

At our 38 week doctor appointment yesterday, our doctor was just a little bit concerned that my belly hasn’t grown in several weeks now. After measuring ahead for so long, I was now measuring a bit behind, and the doctor was concerned that little Wrenn might not be growing anymore, or I might not have enough amniotic fluid. Or, there was a chance that maybe Baby Girl was just petite.

If findings weren’t ideal, they were going to induce early. Like, tomorrow.

Which means Will and I were half giddy, and a tiny bit concerned. But mostly giddy to get to meet Wrenn sooner rather than later.

So tonight we went in for a sonogram (our first in about 18 weeks), and turns out Wrenn is perfectly fine. We are SO thankful that she’s healthy, and we’re content to keep on waiting until she gets here. What’s another week… or two… or three, right?

PS–They think she’s approximately 7.2 pounds. I realize that’s just an estimate and could be off by a pound. But regardless, looks like she’s a very healthy size!

On to the important part… the pictures. Here is her little face, viewed straight on. You can see her eyes, nose, pouty lips and big cheeks.

face - front

Here is her profile – you can see her nose, and her hands are up next to her face.

face - profile

And here’s her foot.


It was such a treat to see our Baby Girl… I can’t wait to hold her in my arms sometime in the next 2-3 weeks! Hurry Wrenn, we want to meet you!

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