It’s a Blur

What a weekend this was… here’s my attempt at a brief wrap-up…

–I worked my favorite marathon all afternoon on Friday. It was a blast–I have grown to really love this race and the people who work it with me. I find runners to be a fascinating breed, I’m intrigued by their ability to sacrifice and push themselves harder than should be humanly possible to run 26 miles. And I love that my race is a chance for people to accomplish a goal, whatever the distance, whether it’s a 5k or an ultra-marathon. Getting to work with this organization is such a cool perk of my job. I spent most of the day Friday handing out t-shirts and answering the same question over and over and over… “No, sorry, the goodie bags are for pre-registered runners only.”  Back off, people. There are reasons to register early!
–I coordinated and hosted my annual work gala Saturday night. I wish I could post pictures, because it looked like an absolute dream, but I don’t like to put work stuff on here. If you know me and want to see a photo, I’ll email you one. Just know that it looked just like a scene out of a movie… a room that looked like a rustic old barn, covered in twinkle lights, with table centerpieces that sat 10 feet tall with lanterns and floating candles hanging from it. It was gorgeous. And I’m so glad we went western so I get to wear my comfy cowboy boots instead of my standard stilettos. Whoever thought of that (me) was a very smart person (me). 
–Today I visited an old friend in the hospital. I seem to be making too many trips to the hospital these days, but this one was particularly fun because my friend is feeling much better (she goes home tomorrow!) and I had fun friends come with me. It was a good day.

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  1. wait…you’re old enough to be dating??? do your parents know about this???also, “cowboy bethe” makes me laugh


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