Isn’t this how life goes?

I was getting my hair done tonight after work, and ran into a guy from high school that I haven’t seen in nine years. Now, I’ll never admit to not being a true blonde (I am!) but I was getting some highlights, and when I first noticed him my head was full of foil. Not exactly my best look. Then, they washed it out, and put on the deep conditioning treatment. Which is a bunch of gloop all over my hair, and then they wrap my head in plastic (kind of like a see-through shower cap, only dorkier) and I sit under a large dryer for 30 minutes. And let me tell you, I look H-O-T with a plastic bag full of gloop on my head.

Well, high school friend finally noticed me (even though I was trying hard not to be noticed) and came over to say hello. It was great to see him, I think we went to Elementary School together (again, it’s been awhile, I forget) and we got to catch up on mutual friends, what we’ve done with the past nine years of our lives, etc. It was fun to catch up, but my vain side couldn’t help but think about how ridiculous I must have looked. Whenever I see an old friend from high school, I always think, “That person looks so great!” or “That person has really let himself go.” So you can imagine my horror at the thought of him going back to our mutual friends and saying “I saw Bethe… and she looked… well, kind of strange. Maybe she looks better with hair.”

Oh well.

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