I’m in charge of a big event for work tomorrow. We’re expecting around 500 people for a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a lunch. It will take place in a giant tent… 60 feet x 90 feet. There’s no sides to this tent, just a top.

Which leads to the irony…

The fire marshal required us to post “emergency exit” signs in this tent! In a tent with NO SIDES. So if by some crazy fluke a fire breaks out during my party, hopefully my guests will see my strategically placed signs and evacuate my tent via the labeled exits. Not necessarily by simply WALKING OUT of this tent with no sides. Apparently that’s expecting too much of people.

It’s obvious that strict government oversight is always the best answer.


  1. I am so glad you took the time to post the emergency exit signs. When I am a party guest and fires happen, I only exit through the designated fire exits even in an open air tent! I mean, could you imagine the consequenses of exiting the tent without the aid of a sign?


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