Insomnia Insights

I cuddled up under my electric blanket this afternoon and took a 3-hour nap–the best possible way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon. Then, tonight I had two Diet Cokes during my long (and enjoyable!) dinner with my good friend Melissa. So now it’s 11:30 and I should be asleep, but instead I’m wide awake, knowing that it could be a long time before the sleep that I so badly want finally comes.

Which explains the multiple posts. What else am I supposed to do with this extra time–study?
So I was reading my TIME Magazine today, and there’s a special on “The Science of Romance.” Now, I’m no science buff, but this was a topic I couldn’t resist. The article said that smell is one of the best ways to find a mate. That subconsciously, we can tell from a man’s scent if he would make a good partner and father to future children.

Only one problem. I’m allergic to everything. My nose is always stuffy. So where does that leave me?
I saw 27 Dresses yesterday with my sister. It’s really cute. I highly recommend it if you like chick flicks. Except, Katherine Heigl looks terrible as a brunette, and they had her wear terrible clothes. Not to mention those awful bridesmaid dresses. It brought back memories to my own bridesmaid mistake.

Right after college I was in my roommate Kim’s wedding. I was a size 0 and the smallest bridesmaid dress size they had was a 6, so ordered it without bothering to try it on. The dress came in right before the wedding, and by the time I finally got around to trying on the dress, it was too late to return it. That size 6 was so small that I couldn’t zip it up! Nobody had bothered to tell me that bridesmaid dresses run small! I had to run to a seamstress and they had to cut material off of the bottom of the dress and sew it into the waistline so that I could button it. Nothing could be done with the top, so my small size 0 frame was spilling out of the top of that dress. I couldn’t breathe throughout the entire ceremony or reception. If I had eaten anything, the top of my dress would have probably exploded and fake diamonds and buttons would have broken out the windows or put peoples’ eyes out. It wasn’t my best moment.
Still not sleepy. But now I’m hungry. I’m going to go grab a snack, grab my TIME and try to work on those ZZZs.

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