I’m THAT girl

I never liked that girl. You know her – the girl who hasn’t pumped her own gas in years because her husband does it for her? The girl who never has to worry about changing her oil, or buying air filters, or managing her finances? The one who never has to brave a car repair shop on her own while the hood of her car is smoking?
I always envied her a little. I coped by judging her and assuming that I was far superior because I was forced to learn how to do those things for myself. I didn’t need a man to do those things because I was a fabulous, independent woman who put on her big girl panties and learned how to take care of herself.
And then I became that girl.
In the past three months of marriage, I haven’t pumped my own gas, because my husband does that for me every Saturday morning. And he washes my car. He mows my lawn (and let me tell you, he’s a dreamboat of a lawn boy). He lifts heavy things for me. He takes out the trash. He fixes thing when I break them, and he even drove me to work during February’s ice storm… five times.
I am that girl, and I love it. I love it more because I was forced to do those things on my own for so long, so having someone else do them for me is the greatest treat. May I never forget what a gift he is. May I never forget how special those gestures are, or how wonderful my husband is for choosing to do them. May I never take it for granted or forget to thank him. May I never think that he owes me anything.
May I never stop trying to one-up him on all his great gestures. Every time he fills my gas tank, all I want to do is go wash more of his laundry. It’s this horribly wonderful cycle. May it never stop.
What about you? What little gesture does your husband do that just thrills you?

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