I’m her mama


My baby girl was  sick for the first time in her life this week. What a blessing that she’s been healthy for four whole months – I don’t take it for granted. But these were a rough couple of days for my little one – a good fever, sore throat, trouble eating, trouble sleeping. No fun.

And I won’t lie – I was exhausted. She woke up four times the first night and five times the next two nights. Every time my head hit the pillow, she would begin to cry and I would go back to try to soothe her once again. I was quickly brought back to her newborn days of living on the edge of delirium. It’s not easy.

But you know what? As I fed and rocked my baby over and over and over the past few days, I was overwhelmed with what a huge privilege it is to be her mama. When I was a little girl, I wanted my mama to hold me and comfort me and make everything better. And now, I’m the mama. I’m the one she looks to for comfort and that feeling of safety.

Little one, I am the one who is blessed. You are more than I deserve.


PS- Today she is finally back to her normal feisty, hungry, chatty, bubble-blowing self.

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  1. Those are the times that are so hard yet so worth it. It strengthens that bond that can never be broken! So precious. Glad she is feeling better!!!!


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