I’m currently…

Inspired by the Tiny Twig’s regular feature, here’s what I’m currently…

watchingLincoln. And it’s terribly boring. Does that make me not very smart? I listen to NPR, I read the newspaper. But this movie is just too slow for me.


I’ve got two books going – I’m reading The Informant (you may have seen the Matt Damon movie version) on my new iPad and listening to the Steve Jobs biography as an audio book (it’s 25 hours long!). I’m on a big non-fiction kick right now.


SIX whole nausea-free days in a row. And eating like someone who hasn’t had a good meal in six months. Because, well, I hadn’t really been able to have a good meal for the past six months. I’m now making up for lost time. You know, things like cupcakes at 10:30 a.m. (hey… they’re shaped like muffins), or eating two lunches. And pickles… lot’s of pickles.


My schedule. I’ve got 14 weekends left until this baby comes (approximately) and a lot needs to be done between now and then. Important things, like childbirth classes, and baby showers, and decorating a nursery, and getting a pedicure (since I’m already having trouble reaching my toes), and starting on that baby quilt. And having neighbors over for a cookout, and friends over for a potluck, and finding time for a few dates with Mr. Right before we have to start springing for a babysitter.

excited about

Finally deciding on Baby Wrenn’s name. It has provided me with such relief to finally have a name for that little girl who keeps kicking my tummy. It makes her that much more real. Come quick, Wrenn Olivia! (well, not too quick… keep cooking girl)


Nursery ideas!


My glucose test in the morning. I have been dreading this almost as much as childbirth itself. Please pray for me – an empty stomach does not help my nausea.


My new iPad. I feel so organized and high-tech. I’ve gone to all-digital to-do lists – we’ll see if it turns me into a new, totally organized person. Fingers crossed. Now if I could just find an app that folded my laundry.

looking forward to

A pedicure on Saturday. Oh boy, do these swollen hobbit feet of mine need it! Mr. Right gave me a very generous spa gift certificate for Valentine’s Day and I’ll be using the first part of it this weekend. I can’t wait.


What about you? I’d love to hear what you’re “currently”… leave a link in the comments to your post.

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