I did it…

Well kids, I crossed over to the dark side. I joined Twitter. I didn’t want to… it was totally against my will. I don’t have time for yet another Web 2.0 program that will probably help me waste valuable time that I can never seem to find enough of anyway. 

But I did it for work. I’m supposed to be a social networking guru. I need to know all of the new and innovative ways to promote my organization, and doing that means I’ve gotta know the latest technology tools. I’m already a webmaster (times three, actually), a blogger, a Facebook user, a former MySpace junkie, and now I guess I’m a Twit. The sacrifices I make for work…
So do me a favor and look me up so I have some friends to tweet with. Because goodness knows I have no idea how to find you on there. The whole thing seems rather silly and redundant. Then again, I said that at first about Facebook, and now I think it’s pure genius. 
Oh, and my professor is making us start a blog to share info with other classmates about social media junk. From what I can tell, I think we’re graded based on the traffic we generate and the comments we get from readers. Which means that I may be calling in a favor and asking you to visit our silly little site to make up some random comment so you can help a girl get her A. I’ll let you know soon… if you help me out, maybe I’ll come wash your car or paint your living room. he he.

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