I am thankful for these fashion trends

7. Today, on day 7 I choose to be shallow in my thankfulness. I was about to tackle the “I am thankful for my parents” post, but there was just too much to say for the short time I have available for today’s post.

So today I am thankful for these fashion trends…

-I am thankful that flats continue to remain in style. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or smarter, but schlepping around a giant hospital campus in stilettos has lost its luster after almost eight years. Give me my trusty flats any day. The heels are only around for rare, special appearances (and then I carry flats around in my big purse).

-I am thankful for big purses, inside which I can haul just about everything from my bathroom counter, plus a change of shoes, a cardigan, an umbrella, a book, and my giant thermos of coffee. There have been days when I brought a spare curling iron to work. Or used it to carry Indiana corn. If it weren’t for my big purse, I would have to travel with a pack mule.

-I am thankful that my husband lets me steal his clothes. I told him that in marriage, what’s mine is his, and what’s his is mine… but when it comes to clothing, I get the better end of that bargain (thank you societal double standards). Not only does he have the softest, most comfortable t-shirts (he has a great eye for thrift shirts and American Apparel tees), the warmest fleeces and hoodies that smell just like him (sigh)… but I just discovered that his dress socks work GREAT underneath my tall boots. I used to wear ankle socks with them, and they were always slipping off, but one day, when I was behind on laundry, I scrounged around in his sock drawer and found something to fit under the boots. It’s pure bliss. Who knew?

-I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m thankful for my new black skinny jeans. They’re stretchy and feel just like leggings, but so dark that they still hide “problem areas” and they tuck perfectly into my boots, which I think I may wear every day this fall. I am way late to that game, but I love my new skinny jeans. (If you’re wondering, they’re Ann Taylor Loft, and I had to go up a size from what I normally wear, but I’m choosing to assume that they were simply incorrectly sized and are actually a 00. Wink, wink.)

-I am thankful for leggings which make short dresses less scandalous and which allow me to stretch my sundress wardrobe into the fall with the help of a cardigan and a scarf. They are the most comfortable things on the planet.

What about you? What fashion trends are you especially thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for flow-y blouses, poncho-type sweaters, etc…sense a theme? After having the twins, loose tops are my friend! 🙂


  2. yes leggings and cardigans! sometimes i give myself a high five if i can come up with an outfit that doesn't require them because i literally want to wear them every day. 🙂 i also love the socks peeking out from the tops of my tall boots. keeps my legs warm and cute 🙂


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