How baby vomit has changed me

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I’m just going to say it. Having a sick baby is the absolute worst. I would rather be sick 10 times than have my baby girl be sick just once. Nothing breaks my heart more.

This weekend little Wrenn caught some sort of bug – 101 degree fever, some tummy problems, and an all around crumminess. Sweet girl was a trooper, but you could just see in her eyes that she felt awful.

Of course we had a weekend full of plans, but I dropped everything to snuggle with my girl. She would just put her head on my shoulder and snuggle close to me – something she never does – as if to say, “Mama, make it better.”

She vomited all over me. Twice. All my life, even the thought of puke makes me weak in the knees, and yet, when it was my baby, all I cared about was making sure she was okay. I guess this whole motherhood thing really changes every single part of you, doesn’t it? Sometimes it overwhelms me in the greatest way possible.

Feel better, baby girl.


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