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1. In a moment of true edginess, I decided to paint my toe nails purple. Deep, dark purple. Almost black. I feel like such a rebel. The pedicure lady was a bit worried I might not like it, but I have savored the unexpected pop of color peeking out of my peep-toe shoes ever since. Now I just need to find a motorcycle that I can hop on the back of and ride off into the sunset like the bad girl I am.

2. I love free stuff, and lately that has carried over into loving to get free shots. This summer I got a tetanus shot, just because it was free. I mean, you never know when you might step on a rusty nail, and then I will be thankful that I got my free tetanus shot at work. It’ll save me a trip to the ER (assuming I’m not bleeding profusely from whatever rusty nail wound I might encounter). This is all hypothetical, of course.

So yesterday you can only imagine my elation when I got my annual free flu shot. Not only will I be flu-free this winter, but I can apply that $15 I saved toward something a lot more useful, like a pedicure. Or some new earrings. I wonder what other shots I can get for free? Maybe I can score a pneumonia vaccine? I should call HR.

3. I just love this cold, fall weather. I’ve been sleeping with my windows open, which may be contributing to the head cold I’m trying to fight off, but it’s worth it to sleep with fresh air blowing on my face, curled under my covers for warmth. Maybe soon I can pull out the old electric blanket. It may be my favorite possession.

4. I taught three classes at TCU this week. Two classes on media buying, and one on employee/internal communication. I love teaching. The only thing I don’t love is the parking on campus. If I ever get hired as a full-time professor, I’ll have to hire a helicopter to drop me off by my building, because there’s only 5 parking spaces for 8,000 students at that school. Next week I’ve been asked to speak to an advertising class at UTA, and I hear their parking situation is even worse. So if you know of anybody with a helicopter, who won’t be busy Tuesday morning, please have them call me. It shouldn’t take long, they can just hover over my building while I teach. The class is only 90 minutes.

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