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Just a few random updates…

1. My car has been in the shop for 24 days and $2400. Today my dad came and picked her up, and we were scheduled to trade cars back tonight… but she broke again. The mechanic had said, “Be sure to watch for such-and-such, if that happens, it’s a very bad sign.” Well, as luck would have it, such-and-such happened. So back she goes to the ¬†mechanic tomorrow, and I will cross my fingers that the next fix doesn’t cost too much more. I’m trying to maintain my sense of humor, but it’s definitely a challenge.
In the meantime, I’m swearing off pedicures until I save for a new car. I hope you will continue to be my friend even if I have horrible hobbit feet.
2. I’m sick again. My allergies have been absolutely horrible. So have Harley the Wonder Schnoodle’s. As I’ve said before, we’re allergic to the same thing, and both of us are teetering on the edge of allergy misery this week. No time to be sick, so we’re going to continue to dope up on allergy meds and hope for the best. Makes the head a bit cloudy though.
Luckily the cloudy head keeps me from focusing on my car.
3. My professor decided to double the length of my paper due next week, on a whim. Hate is a strong word for this situation. But incredible frustration, extreme annoyance, and flabbergastedness (if it were a word) might suffice. There goes my weekend plans. Oh wait, I have to work Saturday anyway. And read three books in the next week or so. No big deal.
4. I have the blog of all blogs floating in my head… you may have seen the pictures from Facebook of my little country adventure, but it’s definitely a story that deserves its own blog. I mean, we caught armadillos on a ranch in the middle of the night while I pranced through a cow pasture in my red high heels and a cocktail dress. My joyride in that ’71 lime green convertible was one of my most memorable nights in years.
But these allergy meds are clouding my head, which greatly diminishes my ability to be witty. So the lime green convertible story will have to wait until the pollen count drops a little.

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