For our halfiversary (cheesy, but we love any excuse to celebrate something) Mr. Right told me about six weeks ago that he was taking me on a surprise date. He does this from time to time and I absolutely love it.
For six weeks, he teased me relentlessly, trying to get me to guess what the date was. So mean, right?

Since Mr. Right is about as good at keeping secrets as I am, he spilled the beans the day before our big date. He called me at work (thankfully my coworkers had already left for the weekend) and told me that his big surprise was that he was taking me on a shopping spree. To Northpark Mall. To buy work clothes.
And I burst into tears.
You see, we’ve been super good at following our Dave Ramsey budget, which means we’re being quite conservative on spending anything that’s not absolutely necessary. We’ve made it a priority to pay down as much debt as we possibly can before we start having kids (think car, part of our mortage, etc.). Add to that the fact that we still have two houses… and two mortgages… two electric bills… you get the idea. We’re being frugal.
Oh, and I should mention that almost none of my clothes fit. What little clothing money I had set aside has gone to buy staple items that fit… like a pair of shorts. A couple of shirts from Target. Some tops from a resale shop.
But it’s worth it because Mr. Right and I have talked a lot about our financial goals – I don’t mind sacrificing because it’s for a fantastic cause. We’re not hurting. We’re doing it together. And we’re still having an absolute blast. We’re just being extra careful. And we agreed that when we sell the house, we’d both go clothing shopping to replenish some of the things we haven’t been able to buy lately. You know, like pants that actually zip.
So that’s why I cried. I haven’t set foot in a mall since we got married, and I thought it’d be several more months. I was willing to wait. And then Mr. Right called me to say that he had sold his old laptop and with the money he made, he was taking me on a shopping spree.
Did I mention I cried?
What a sweet, sacrificial husband I married. I am so very thankful for him and his heart. We had an absolute blast on our shopping spree with all the fancy North Dallas people (talk about interesting people-watching for this suburban girl). We snagged all sorts of great items on sale (like two shirts from the GAP, originally $60 each, that I got marked down to $8 each… yea!). I have pants that fit. Tops that make me feel like a movie star. And a husband who makes me feel like an absolute princess.
I hit the jackpot.
After we finished shopping, we went to Twisted Root for one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. And, we got to cross off “try a new restaurant” from our summer bucket list.
I am so thankful for my man, and crazy in love with him. He works hard to find new ways to pursue me, whether it’s baking my favorite muffins, leaving me love notes in my lunch, or taking me out for a night on the town.
And he’s not the only one with surprises up his sleeve. I’ve got a little something planned for his birthday this weekend that he’s going to go nuts over. You better believe I’ve been teasing him with hints all week. He’s going to flip. I promise I’ll take a picture.

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