Today is our Halfiversary. Six whole months of newlywed bliss. I think back to what I was doing six months ago… what an amazing day.

I could be all mushy about it, but my husband has gotten plenty of mush lately. So instead I’ve got a top 10 list of “aha” moments from our first six months of marriage.
10. I am now an expert at brushing the collars on men’s shirts. My husband has been so impressed with me.
9. I have watched more testosterone-filled action movies than my first 29 years of life combined. And you know what… as long as they don’t have too much blood and at least a semblance of a love story, I really don’t mind.
8. I still get teary when he takes out the trash, lifts heavy objects, or fills my car up with gas. I just never thought I’d be that girl.
7. It’s amazing how quickly his family felt like family. Now when I walk into his parents’ house, I know where the silverware drawer is and how to load their dishwasher. I even spent a very sick night there in the midst of my uber-annoying health problems.
6. I now sleep better when Mr. Right is in bed than when I’m by myself. Funny, after a first month of very sleepless nights.
5. We’ve learned how to argue. Learning to live together (and having someone there when you’re at your worst) obviously brings disagreements, but I think we’ve done a good job of learning how to disagree with the end goal being reconciliation or a mutually beneficial solution. I constantly remind myself that he wants me to thrive more than anybody else on the planet, which helps me when my feelings get hurt.
4. We’ve mastered a budget. It helped that we took the Dave Ramsey class twice (long story… Will helped put it on at our church, then after we finished that our Sunday School class did it). Working toward a common financial goal has brought us closer together.
3. He has taught my old dog new tricks. Harley the Wonder Schnoodle acted out the first six weeks

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