Greatest Weekend EVER

This weekend may go down in history as one of the greatest no-plans, normal weekends EVER. Here are the reasons:
1. My husband preached for the first time. I was so proud, I thought my heart might burst with pride for my preacher man. He spoke to a Wednesday night men’s service (can you guess how much I stood out amongst 50 men?) and even though you might think I’m just a tad bit biased… my man hit it out of the park. It was all I could do to stay in my chair, I was so giddy for him.
2. We had a big family dinner of fried chicken, peach cobbler AND strawberry pie to celebrate my dad’s birthday Thursday night. There goes Project 115, but it was worth it.
3. I took Friday off from work, and declared it Bethe’s Day-O-Fun. And let me tell you, it was fun. I spent the morning in my pj’s sipping coffee and sewing yo-yo’s while I caught up on missed episodes of the Bachelorette and my favorite prison show. Please, someone start watching it so I have someone to discuss the show with. At noon I mustered up the energy to put on clothes (but no makeup) and met some of my favorite girlfriends for lunch, and then we spent the afternoon at the pool, eating brownies and enjoying those wonderful girl conversations that can only be had on a summer afternoon when no guys are around. It was wonderful.
When I came home, my husband surprised me with FLOWERS and yet another love letter, for absolutely no reason at all. I gushed. And cried. And gushed some more. And then we went out on a hot date to eat our weight in meat and cheese (hooray for the Texas de Brazil buy-one-get-one-free birthday coupon!). Again… Project 115 down the tubes.
4. Saturday, for the record, we went to spin class. I know you’re finally giving me a nod of approval amidst some bad food choices this week. I even wore spandex pants, which should be good for extra credit. After class I came home and took the most glorious two-hour-nap a girl could ever have while Mr. Right cooked me a savory brisket in our crock pot, crossing two items off our Summer Bucket List. Go us. (There’s brisket under all that cilantro, tomato, poblano, and tomatillo, I promise.)
5. Saturday night we settled in for a quiet evening of movie watching (12 Angry Men) without cell phones, distractions… or makeup. Until I checked my cell phone and realized that every news station in town had called about a certain breaking news story that had just happened at our hospital. Since PR jobs are wonderfully unpredictable, I had to throw on my best black suit and race up to the hospital, makeup bag in tow, scribbling notes on the back of a Hallmark bag I’d dug out of my purse, to take media calls on what turned out to be the lead story on the 10:00 news. What an adrenaline rush. And now many of my coworkers have seen me without makeup. (Then again, they saw a lot worse during my ER visit a few years ago).
6. Sunday was full of church (and Mr. Right teaching again), a baby shower, dinner with friends, and a (gulp) visit to our favorite Mexican bakery for just ONE cookie (I know you’re judging me, and I really don’t care–maybe weighing 115 isn’t worth it anymore).
And now I’m going to turn off my computer, curl up in bed with my latest book friend and coast into the new week rested and happy.

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