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I know I promised a blog a day for November. And I missed last night. But I had more important things to do, like organizing my laundry room and cleaning out drawers. What can I say, I lead an extremely glamorous life. 

And tonight I’m just not in the mood. So I will leave you with a short list of random things that I have discovered lately that I really like. Please do me a favor and let me know one of your recent fun discoveries in life. 
1. I really love naan. It’s kind of like flat bread… I think it’s Greek. Whatever it is, it’s awesome with melted cheese, onions, peppers, and ham on top. You can buy it at Target.
2. I absolutely love gummy vitamins. They taste so good that I’m tempted to eat the whole bottle. But I’m not four, so I won’t. 
3. I just bought cold water Tide laundry detergent. You can save $0.36 a load if you wash in cold water. And in a bad economy, every little bit helps! Only 1,000 loads until I can buy something nice!
4. My cafeteria just started selling jumbo hot dogs. I may pretend to be classy and sophisticated, but I love a good hot dog every once in awhile for lunch. It’s kind of like working at the ballpark.
5. I may have mentioned it in a past blog, but I love leggings. It’s pretty much my uniform when I’m at home, and I have begun wearing them when I run on cold mornings. I never knew the 80s were so wonderful.
That’s it. It’s 8:45 p.m. and I haven’t had dinner yet (it was a school night). I’m off to go scrounge something up.  The dinner is really just a technicality… because I’m having ice cream for dessert. It’s the best part.


  1. Blake–I’m taking the vitaFUSION gummy vitamins… both the “Multi Vites” and the “Power C” immune boosters. They’re so tasty!


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