Every Day I Love You


Love is a funny thing, isn’t it? During some seasons it’s so EASY and driven by feelings and emotions and romance and pure giddiness. Love can just be so much FUN.

Love can also be hard. Like, when both of your are sleep deprived and juggling crazy schedules and trying to keep up with friendships and housework and jobs and babies and budgets and it feels like you just don’t have much left to give.photo (36)

Or when you and your hubby both get the stomach bug, a few weeks apart, and the other is left doing ALL of the childcare and taking care of a sick spouse and trying to disinfect the whole house and take care of everyday responsibilities.

Love is messy. And wonderful. And so very hard. And yet, the most natural thing I’ve ever done.

Mr. Right… every single day I love you. More than the day before.


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