Eureka! And other things…

To decompress after a long couple of days, I went for a three-mile jog around the lake near my house. I typically run there on Saturday mornings, and there’s usually another runner or two, but it’s never crowded. Tonight, right after work, my little trail was packed! It felt so nice and neighborly. I’ve become a real sucker for suburban life… I love the little Leave It To Beaver moments I get every now and then in my happy little neighborhood. –sigh–

While running tonight I had one of those Eureka moments… actually several, but just one that I’ll talk about. After several weeks of stressing about what to do my final project on (to finish  my master’s I have to do a final project this fall, similar to a thesis, with a committee of professors, I’ll have to defend it, and it will be horribly long). The whole thing gives me a stomach ache whenever I think about it, mainly because it sounds like another boring task that will suck away all my spare time as I compile 50 pages of useless information that nobody will ever read or care about.
And I have to pick that useless topic ASAP. Like yesterday, if I want to graduate in December.
But tonight as I ran, it hit me! I know exactly what my project will be, and this one will be fun and interesting and might even involve a few celebrity encounters. Plus I’ll be able to use some of the research I’ve already done (thank you God!) which should save me from starting from scratch. I’ve still got to work out a few details, but as soon as I get the needed permission from the necessary folks, you all will be the first to know! 
In the meantime, here’s some stuff that I got a kick out of today… maybe you will too!
Who says research can’t be fun? While working on that blogging ethics paper, I stumbled across this hilariously hateful exchange between the editor of a major-market newspaper and a very disgruntled journalism college professor, who accused the paper of plagiarizing its code of ethics… oh the irony! Anyway, it’s quite entertaining to watch the exchange get more and more heated. I like to picture their little red faces, veins popping out of their necks, sweat collecting on their strained foreheads, as they conjure up an appropriate comeback to one-up the other. It’s pure gold, my friends. In case it helps, Steve Smith is the editor.
Did you know AIG is going to change its name? Like maybe we won’t notice and suddenly think, “Whatever happened to that AIG anyway?” Slick, AIG, very slick.
And finally, because you know I can’t stand him… A-Fraud is involved in yet another scandal. Apparently Madonna may not have been his first indiscretion. Imagine that.

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