En route to India

If were were going to make a list of things I’m really good at, these items would not make the list:

1. Having a poker face
2. Holding back tears
3. Saying goodbye

Yes, my friends, you know what this means. I was a big, sloppy, weepy mess all day Sunday (and this morning… and maybe a little bit Saturday night) as I prepared to send Mr. Right to India for 12 days. I didn’t mean to be a mess. Through the tears and snot I would reassure him, “I’m fine. Really. I promise.” And he would just look at me and see right through my reassurances.

Actually, even the dog could see right through those reassurances.

So I must say that I’m a bit relieved that he’s finally on his way. I think waiting for him to go and preparing myself to say goodbye will be a lot harder than actually having him gone. I’ve scheduled one fun thing after another for the next week, and I’ve reserved the right to schedule a massage if I get desperate. For the record, I am not at all scared for his safety. I’m just sad because I’ll miss him while he’s gone.

In the meantime, please pray for his travels over the next 24 hours (he should arrive in India sometime tomorrow afternoon our time), for his health and the health of the other pastors meeting them over there, and that God would be glorified through everything they do.

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