Death, decay, and Scrabble?

Apparently I’m the only person who’s still single… not that there’s anything wrong with that (Seinfeld reference). According to this article, as the stock market goes down, popularity of online dating sites goes up. I think the stock market will have to hit rock bottom before I join, though. Something about online dating still creeps me out. But I do love how they hypothesize the reason behind the uptick to be that folks would rather save their money and “stay home to play scrabble.” Hmm… is Scrabble really considered a hot date these days?

Speaking of being single… it’s really okay, 99% of the time. But there’s that 1% of me that’s a bit scared of turning out like this lady… she was dead SIX YEARS before anybody noticed! If any of you notice that you haven’t seen me in awhile, please feel free to check in and make sure I’m alive. Really. Please. 

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