Christmas Card Criticism

I absolutely LOVE creating and sending Christmas cards. It’s just something I love.

But what I don’t love is the criticism I get in response.

Like one year, when I sent one card to two girls who were roommates. And they raised a huge stink because they had to SHARE the card. Their feelings literally got hurt.

Now, did they send ME a Christmas card? No.

Well this year is no different. Since I’m hand-making my cards, they take a very long time, so I’ve been sending them out in batches. No rhyme or reason, I’ve just sent 20-30 at a time, and I’m working on finishing my third batch. Other than my immediate family who of course got the first batch, the order in which you receive my Christmas card has no bearing on how much I like you.

And yet, apparently I’ve already heard grumbling. I never realized folks compare Christmas cards!

And of course, the grumbling has come from people who have yet to send US a card. (Every person who has sent us a card has immediate gotten one from us in return.)


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