Weekend recap: A fancy night out, a trip to the ER, and twinkle lights

Oh my blog friends, what a weekend! It was one of those that takes you the rest of the week to recover from. Here’s a recap of our adventures – you’ll see what I mean:

Friday night I surprised Mr. Right with a fabulous First Father’s Day Date to our favorite gourmet restaurant, and showered him with a new car stereo for his 10-year-old car (he needed one badly). It had all the makings to be one of our best nights in a long time, until I took my first bite of dinner and got struck with a tidal wave of nausea (yea for lingering stomach bug at 36 weeks pregnant) and little Miss Wrenn moved into some weird position that had me almost barreled over in pain. Silly girl.

We managed to make it through dinner without me getting physically ill, packed up my almost untouched food and headed home (after a small detour to get some gelato, of course – Mr. Right knows how to cheer a girl up). We ended the night with me in bed, hugging a body pillow trying to coax Baby Girl back to a less painful position, and Mr. Right on the couch with an ice pack in severe pain from his bike injury. It was not the most romantic First Father’s Day, to say the least.

Saturday we headed to the hospital for an all day childbirth/breastfeeding class. After ten hours of learning about the beauty – and horror – of childbirth, and me still feeling nauseous and unable to eat much, we headed home for what we hoped would be a quiet, peaceful night. (note: Breastfeeding is so intimidating! It deserves its own post where I desperately need some advice from you seasoned mamas out there. Stay tuned.)

Instead, an hour later we ended up BACK at the hospital, this time in the ER to have Mr. Right’s bicycle wreck injuries checked out. They had gotten much, much worse, and when we showed our childbirth nurse the bruise on his leg (bruise doesn’t really describe it – it’s like you took purple paint and painted several square feet of his left hip/thigh, from hip bone to knee), even the nurse said we should get it checked out.


(I tried to snag a pic of all three of us in the ER. Sadly this isn’t even Wrenn’s first ER visit.)

I’m not sure if you should be proud when you have an injury so bad that you can actually shock the ER doctor, but we did just that. Every nurse who saw it just gasped. It was THAT bad. Thankfully, we got FAST, wonderful care (I work at a great hospital with some really great people), and Mr. Right’s injuries checked out fine, which means I will sleep much better (because you know I’d been up all night googling his injuries and had been horrified by what I read). Now he’s got some medicine for the pain and should make a full recovery in 6-8 weeks.

In the meantime, if you want to see the gnarliest bruise in the history of the world – call us.

We finally got home at 10:00 p.m. – exhausted, hurting, nauseous, and ready to retreat from the real world for a little while. And we did just that – we spent most of Sunday just resting and recovering emotionally from a stressful week. We did manage to have Mr. Right’s parents over for a wonderfully relaxing Father’s Day dinner (and praise Jesus my nausea was finally gone!), and then Mr. Right and I ended the weekend sitting on our back porch, admiring the pergola he built me and enjoying each other’s company under the twinkle lights.


Finally, we got our romantic evening we’d been hoping for.

Easter weekend… & baby girl has a name!

  • Ate my weight the baby’s weight in peach cobbler and chocolate cupcakes and chocolate pie.
  • Caught up with loved ones on both sides of the family.
  • Visited a dear friend in her brand-new house.
  • Wore sundresses and flip-flops and LOVED it.
  • Held hands with my man as we sang worship songs at church.
  • Chased some bad guys in my car. Err, I mean called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle, then hunted them down when they moved one street over and called again. (I watch Law & Order – I know how these things work.)
  • Attended a birthday for a friend. Everybody there had little kids running around. It was like a glimpse into our future, and I kind of dug it.
  • Took naps.
  • Registered for baby gear while lying in bed. God bless the Internet.
  • Baked and cooked and pretended to be domestic again.
  • Watched my little toes swell up like Vienna sausages. (isn’t it too soon for that?!?)
  • Found an old box of treasures from my childhood. Was highly entertained by third grade journal entries and my “Men of Mansfield High” calendar. I’m embarrassed – or proud – of how many of those boys I dated.
  • Oh, and we named our baby girl.
Story behind the name to come later.

Books, babies, parties, and quilting

This weekend, the theme was REST. Since I was at a conference last weekend, I basically worked 12 days straight without a day off. Add to it that much of those first 5-6 days I was feeling pretty sick, which meant my energy level was lower than normal, and a 13-hour day Thursday, and by Friday evening I was pooped.

Luckily so was Mr. Right, so we did a LOT of sleeping. Like, 10 hours a night of sleeping. Like, we went to bed at 8:30 every night. We are so wild and crazy. It was glorious.

In between all that sleeping we managed to have some fun.

This is the book I’ve been reading. I adore biographies, and politics, and history, so this is like my book-loving trifecta.

Friday night we went to a party at the home of the owner of Mr. Right’s new real estate company. The theme was “denim chic” and I must say I felt a little bit of pressure to look effortlessly, casually chic. Coupled with the fact that it was 90 degrees in late October and my hair was a greasy mess, my skin looked tired, and, well… I may or may not have tried on every outfit in my closet. So silly of me, because we sat down the entire time we were there, nobody was dressed up, and I don’t think a single guest gave my outfit a second glance.

We left the party for dinner with my mom, sister, her husband, and the real star of every family get-together, my nephew Luke. These pictures are actually from the night before when we babysat him, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll take baby pictures whenever/wherever they’re available.

I am pretty sure if this photo had a caption, it would be, “What you talking about, Willis?”

My two guys… (if you look closely, you can see the quilt I made Luke)

Mr. Right got me a special treat after my long week – special heart cookies from Trader Joe’s. The fact that his office is within walking distance of my favorite grocery store may turn out to be the best thing – or the worst thing – that ever happened to me. I see a lot of gourmet organic treats in my future.

Saturday I spent the entire day in my pajamas sewing. It was wonderful. I realize not everybody would love to spend a pretty day stuck indoors on their hands and knees on the floor, trying to keep from getting stuck in the foot by a rogue strait pin, but for me, it’s the ultimate escape. I use the time to catch up on all my favorite shows, and my mind gets to be creative and messy for hours without interruption.

I worked on two quilts, and while I’m so very tempted to show you them in their entirety, I’m saving that for my Wednesday “Works in Progress” post. Is the alliteration cheesy? I’m trying to brainstorm new blog topics, and all the cool bloggers use alliteration. I still wish there was a day of the week that started with Q so I could do a Quilting theme. Maybe I’ll try rhyming instead… Quilt Day Tuesday? (oh my, I’m a dork)

So, long story short, come back Wednesday for some pretty quilt pictures AND an update on a special pillow I’m making myself.

Saturday night Mr. Right and I had a hot date thanks to a gift card we won in an internet contest (score!). No pictures because we were too busy making googley eyes at each other.

Sunday we went back to our home church for the first time since Mr. Right left their staff in early September. It was so nice to sit together during worship – something we haven’t done at this church in over a year because he had to work every service. I also got to finally introduce him to our Sunday School class – I think a few people were wondering if that phantom husband of mine really did exist, but I got to show them that not only does he exist, but he’s a total hottie.

Next week’s wrap-up will be epic… I get to meet my newest nephew in person! I am so excited I can barely stand it. Never fear, there will be PLENTY of pictures of that precious moment.

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