Olympics Fun

I really don’t care about the Olympics. Yawn. They’re so boring. In fact, some years I hate the Olympics–mostly in the winter when it interferes with my television watching.

But right now I’m so excited about Michael Phelps and his gold medals! It makes me proud to be an American. And it doesn’t hurt that he has great muscles. I just can’t stop watching (for the competition of course, not the muscles).

Go Team USA!

Bad Choice, DeAnna!

Last night I was all fired up by the TERRIBLE ending to The Bachelorette. I was blindsided by her decision to pick the slacker snowboarder instead of cute, clean-cut (and good-looking!) Jason. So I wrote a sassy blog about how stupid DeAnna is.

But now that it’s been 24 hours, I realize that my blog was just mean. So I’m choosing not to post it. Besides, it’s just a silly TV show. And she’s just a silly girl. And watching people get rejected on national television may be fascinating, but I feel slightly guilty for enjoying it so much.

So I’ll hold my tongue.

But I can’t wait until next season.

Bachelorette–My Humble Prediction

Tomorrow’s the finale of The Bachelorette, my current favorite show. I’m going on the record to say that I think she’s going to pick Jason, the single dad. I may be biased, because Jessie, while he seems like a nice guy, reminds me of every slacker skater dude I went to high school with. And that just grosses me out. Besides, get a haircut.

So while I think Graham or Jeremy would have been a better choice, I’m cheering for you, Jason. Good luck!

New York and a small bag

I’m going to New York tomorrow to see a Yankee game! Hooray! I’m so unbelievably excited!

Of course, not excited enough to have started packing yet. And with school tonight until 9:00, and then a 2-hour special of The Bachelorette to watch on my Tivo after that, I need to get started on that packing NOW. Since we’re only going for a few days, sister Sarah and I aren’t going to check any bags so we can save our $15 surcharge for checked luggage. The only problem is, I pack more than any human being on earth EVERY time I go ANYWHERE. I’m a regular pack-mule, only cuter and sweeter. I could live for a week with what I bring in my bag every day to work, much less packing for an actual overnight trip. So this will be a nice challenge. Luckily, it’s summertime, and shorts and tank tops don’t take up much space. So we’ll see if I can do it!

Random hilarity (at least, to me)

I was shopping at Target tonight, and heard the following page over the intercom:

“Pam Beasley, please report to Register 26. Pam Beasley, please report to Register 26.”

It’s good to have The Office back. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Then tonight I saw this story on Yahoo. I love how superstitious all sports fans seem to be. Apparently when you put on the jersey, you check your sanity at the dugout. But I support anything to make the Yankees lose.


The Office is back tomorrow! After six months of no new Jim love, he and the rest of the crew are back, and I can’t wait! I’m supposed to have a watching party after my softball game tomorrow night, but my Tivo is on the blink, so we may be in trouble. Would it be inappropriate for me to skip my softball game to watch a TV show?

Random thoughts

1. I think my dog and I are allergic to the same things. He has been sick for a few days now, and tonight my throat started to hurt. Both of us are doped up on Benedryl… only I swallow mine and he takes his in peanut butter. I think we’ll both sleep well from the drugs.

2. Tonight I stuffed 270 surveys and labeled 270 envelopes for my research project. It’s the best kind of homework… the kind you can do while watching Dancing With The Stars. But it’s not exactly glamorous. They definitely don’t mention that part on the school’s recruiting Web site.

3. Dancing With The Stars is like a bad cruise show performance. I feel like a 70-year old lady in a muumuu every time I watch it. And yet, I still watch.

4. Only six days until the Rangers’ Opening Day (the season opener, not the home opener). They really should consider making Opening Day a federal holiday. I always take the day off work anyway, they might as well let the kids out of school and close the post office. I’m sure the mail man would like to watch the games. It may be the only day this season my Rangers are in first place.

The Benedryl is starting to kick in, so I should sign off before I start hallucinating.