Lines a guy should never utter

Tonight’s Bachelor finale deserves a much better post… but it’s late, and I’m tired, so all I can do is squeeze out a quick venting session…

Tonight’s show exemplified everything I hate about certain kinds of guys (of course, not any of the ones who read THIS blog). You know the kind… the ones who feed you lines about how awesome you are, and then suddenly have a “change of heart.” The following are lines uttered by Jason on tonight’s show that NO guy should ever utter when in a committed relationship… because it’s a cop-out.
“I have to follow my heart.”
“My feelings changed.”
“I can’t have any regrets. Even if it hurts those around me.”
“I can’t help what I’m feeling.”
“You’re a very sweet girl… BUT…”
I can imagine hearing Mr. Bachelor saying these same things to his wife in a few years. “I’m sorry, honey, I know you didn’t want me to cheat on you, but I had to follow my heart. My feelings have just changed. And I can’t have regrets… even if it may hurt those around me. I just can’t help what I’m feeling. You’re such a fantastic girl… but… the other girl was really HOT.”
Yep. I hate the Bachelor. Why did I waste my time watching this?

What the heck?!

Jason, the Bachelor, is an idiot! He voted off Jillian, the beautiful girl with lot’s of personality who was mature and fun and cool… and yet she wasn’t “sparky” enough for him.

Ugggh! The minute he sent her home, my phone started ringing off the hook. My mother is NOT happy about this one… guys, you all got blamed for most of the world’s problems last night because of this goober. I’ll admit, we all got a bit worked up by his stupidity. I apologize for that…
But come on Jason… what a terrible decision!

I’m not watching, but you should

I’m still undecided about this season’s Bachelor. I find Jason to be a bit vanilla. Boring. And a little too familiar. I caved and watched episode 2 last night, but it was a total snoozefest.

But I may keep watching anyway because of this new blog introduced to me by my pal Charity. She’s hilarious, and even better, she’s a Baylor girl. And like my dad told me sternly after I was threatened to go to (gasp) that evil Texas A&M…
There has never been a single bad personĀ 
who graduated from Baylor. Ever. In theĀ 
history of mankind.
But that was in 1998, before we had those basketball players kill each other. And before the baseball player skinned a cat alive. But technically, I don’t think either graduated.
So go check out her blog. And for the record, my favorite bachelorette is Spray Tan Lauren.