Beet ’em

Let me introduce you to the greatest softball team ever.
Oh wait, guys in the back, you’re not facing the camera.
There we go.
Meet Schrute Farms, the team that went from 2-8 last season to 7-2 this season, with one more game to go next week. These folks are awesome softball players, but they’re also super fun to hang out with. Their left fielder is always dropping pop-ups (that would be me) and yet the team always greets me with high fives when I get back to the dugout, and nobody seems to hold my error-filled ways against me. Every time I go to a game, I know I’m going to have fun, and my teammates only harass me a tiny bit for being the only person in the entire league who wears a batting helmet.
We also have the best jerseys in the league. I’m a much better shirt designer than I am left fielder! And of course, not at all biased.


My favorite Sunday afternoon activity used to be taking naps. It takes something pretty important to get me to sacrifice my beloved two-hour Sunday nap. But then I learned to play football… and everything changed.

Now, you can find me, along with my sweet church friends, up at the park, playing a serious game of flag football. Okay, not really serious. Some people are serious. I’m not one of them. I’ve been known to miss a play because I was chatting with an opponent (you’re shocked, I know). But it’s still a great way to get exercise, enjoy some sunshine, and hang out with some cool people.

Speaking of which… time to go get ready for today’s game.

It’s all about the outfit

I’m still working out like a crazy person. Wanna know my secret?

I went out and bought new, cute workout clothes. Hot pink running shorts, cute tops, and even a sassy new tennis skirt. I love wearing them!

And if I’m going to wear sassy new workout clothes, I might as well stop by the gym and actually work out a little.

At this rate, that half-marathon may be the most expensive thing I do all year! But, I have run 4 miles, twice a week, for the past three weeks! That, on top of playing softball, tennis, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. I guess I’m on my way…

Battle of the Baptists

I absolutely love my softball team. But not because we’re good. We’re half-way through our third season together, and we progressively get worse every week. By the end of the season, we’ll be lucky if we can find the field.

But tonight was different! We actually won! Our Baptist team beat First Baptist Fort Worth, the only team with fewer wins than us (eh hem, that means ZERO).

So Schrute Farms is now 2-5 for the season, with three more games to go. I suggest we quit now while we’re at our peak, because there’s very little chance we’ll get close to tasting victory again. We’re in a tough league.

But even though we lose (okay, we get demoralized) almost every week, it doesn’t matter. Because the main reason we play is so we have an excuse to get together. The highlight is always the dinner before or after the game. And once you get used to losing, it doesn’t sting quite as bad.

Besides, we have the best mascot. Our lucky Dwight bobblehead that’s no longer attached to his body (that’s what happens when you drop it while trying to put it in your purse… oops) that makes an appearance at every game. Or at least, when I remember to bring him.

And, we have the cutest t-shirts. And if you’re going to lose, you might as well look darn good doing it!

I’m a bad blogger… but you still like me, right?

I’ve been neglecting my blog. Mostly because I’ve been so busy I barely have time to eat and sleep, much less think any original thoughts. But my crazy-intense summer school course is almost through, and then I’ll have time to ponder the meaning of life, or at least come up with some funny stories.

Until then…

Check out this video of my favorite team having fun. It almost makes me want to be a fan again.

Oh, and my other favorite team (my church softball team) finally won our first game tonight! After two VERY bad losses, tonight we won 16-10. Of course, we recruited two college ball players and a semi-professional to play with us tonight, which might have helped us a little. But we’re happy just the same!

At tonight’s game, for the first time EVER in my whole life, the pitcher looked at me and asked if I was a boy or a girl. Now granted, I was wearing a helmet, but I have a LOOONG pony tail, and very girlish legs. I am not sure how he could be so confused. It was somewhat disturbing, and somewhat funny. I think next week I’ll try playing in a skirt, just so there’s no question.

Home run

This has been a pretty cool week.

Wednesday I went to a Mavericks game (saw Dirk’s first game back from his ankle injury) and sat right behind the Mavs’ bench. Even better, they won!

Thursday I hit a home run at my softball game. That happens… well… never. But somehow I hit it over the outfielders’ heads and made it all the way home without getting thrown out. I think it was a miracle from God. It’s the only plausible explanation.

Then tonight I saw Ginny Owens in concert at my favorite coffee shop. She is wonderful–her lyrics express a lot of the things that go through my head on a regular basis. I already have several of her songs on my ipod, and I’ll definitely be adding a few new ones this weekend.

The only thing I didn’t do this week was sleep, and since I had a skinny cafe latte during the concert tonight, it looks like I won’t be sleeping tonight either. Luckily, I have a Sunday School lesson to write, and maybe some itunes shopping to do later.

Soccer star

Today after church a bunch of us went to the park and played soccer. I’m terrible at soccer. I’ve only played once or twice. Ever. But it was a blast. I can cross working out off my list for the day, and it was a lot more fun than running mindlessly on a treadmill. The weather was beautiful, nobody kicked me in the shin (although I did hurt my big toe… no pedicures for me until it heals!), and my teammates kicked me the ball, even though we ALL knew there was absolutely NO WAY I would ever have a chance of scoring.

I guess it was worth missing my Sunday afternoon nap for. But I still snuck in a 20 minute snooze. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be Sunday.

Then tonight, I did my homework outside on my back patio as I listened to the wind blow in a storm. I am absolutely loving this warm weather.


Tonight is my first softball game! Yea! I was supposed to play last week, but it snowed. Tonight it’s going to be beautiful, and hopefully I can hit a few homeruns to propel my team to victory. Or something like that.

On another note, I randomly helped our local children’s theater, Casa Manana, get a defibrillator today. My friend who does P.R. over there called to ask me about it, I called a lady who raises money to buy them, and ba-da bang, ba-da boom, she has an extra AED that she’s willing to donate (normally they cost $1500… yikes)! Now those kiddos will be all set in case of an emergency. I wish everything was that easy.


My blogs seem to come in two’s. I think it’s my A.D.D. side. I get to writing one thing, and something else pops into my head. And I hate long blogs. I also hate long research papers. And I have one of those due next Friday. Bleh.

Since I worked all weekend, I took the afternoon off. Originally my plan was to go home and do homework. But that changed about the time I left the hospital parking lot, and I decided I’d rather go home and take a nap. But then, after a good lunch, I realized I wasn’t tired, and decided to hit the gym instead. There’s nothing better than working out at 3:00. There was nobody there. No gawking middle-aged men, no beefy teenagers. Nobody’s sweat splattering onto me as they run on the treadmill to my left. It was total workout peace.

I was in the mood to push myself extra hard (my workouts are totally driven by my mood… I think today’s inspiration had to do with the rockstar soundtrack playing in my iPod, or maybe it was seeing all of those people conquer the marathon this weekend), so I ran on the treadmill, then rode the bike, then lifted weights. Hard. And now, as I sit in bed typing this, I feel like my rear end is going to fall off. Or explode. I think I overdid. Which means tomorrow I’ll be hobbling around like an old lady, trying to keep up a sleek, sophisticated facade, while trying not to waddle around like a pregnant lady with a wedgie.

On another note, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. I’m so excited to celebrate one of my very favorite people. Ever. If I can grow up to be half the woman (and mom) that she is, I’ll be happy. She combines grace, style, wit, intelligence, a great Christian character and a spot-on sense of humor, with perfectly accessorized outfits, sass, and a cup of Starbucks. She’s the strongest woman I know. I’m glad she’s my mom.

And, lucky for me, I don’t think she’ll care if I waddle into the restuarant tomorrow night as we celebrate her birthday.