Baby Girl Dresses and a Print Sale


Do you remember that handmade dress I made for Wrenn’s birthday party? I had so much fun making it, I decided to make a few for my shop! The best thing about these dresses are that since the straps are adjustable, the dress can grow with your baby. In fact, as Wrenn continues to grow taller and taller (hello, 90th percentile), I plan on her wearing her dress with leggings or skinny jeans, layered with a cardigan throughout the fall/winter.1This pink floral dress comes in size 12-18 months (Wrenn’s size… I’m tempted to keep it for her) and features pink contrast stitching and the cutest little strawberry floral fabric for the bottom. I love it.

2 This other dress features some gorgeous red florals (almost feels Hawaiian) with red trim. I should say that the red is a gorgeous color – a mix between red and deep orange and pink – it’s so pretty in person. I loved it so much, I made myself an infinity scarf out of the same fabric. I made two of these dresses: one is size 3 months, the other is size 12-18 months.

I have also slashed the price of all my digital downloads in my shop to just $5. I hope that if you’ve been eyeing something that would serve as an encouragement for you, that for just $5 you’ll now be able to snag it. You can print these on your home printer, or for less than $1 you can print yours at Office Depot (just upload it on their website and you can usually pick it up the same day from their printing counter). We have these prints framed all over our house, and I absolutely love visiting friends and spotting them at their homes too!5

As life continues to get busier and busier, I’m really rethinking how much longer I’m going to keep my shop open, so I hope you’ll take advantage of it soon! I’ve also got a few quilts in the works that I’m quite excited about that should be in the shop in a matter of weeks.

Have a lovely day, my friends.


il_570xN.524050111_subdFor more prints, visit Texas Lovely on Etsy.

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First Birthday – Party Prep

bird day party - blog

Wrenn is turning ONE in two weeks. How is that possible? I swear just yesterday I was 800 months pregnant, lamenting to my husband that I would never go into labor, as I was stuck on the couch on bedrest, eating Chick-fil-a and binge-watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix (y’all, Netflix got me through a very difficult pregnancy and the first two months of Wrenn’s life). And then my water broke, and next thing I knew, I was in the hospital holding my beautiful, big-eyed baby girl.

And now that beautiful, big-eyed baby girl is about to be ONE. ONE! We’ve decided to avoid the first birthday insanity and host a family-only birthday party with a simple dinner and cupcakes. But of course I had to design a special invitation and a FEW special decorating touches for the big day.


It was only fitting that we declare this a BIRD-day party in honor of our little Wrenn-bird. We

found the idea a few months ago from a greeting card while on one of Mr. Right’s secret dates. The card had a bird with a crown and it simply said, “Happy BIRD-day.” From there, we spent the evening brainstorming fun ways to use this theme.

I’ve been on my best behavior and haven’t gone crazy buying decorations OR gifts, but I did decide that Wrenn would have to have a special birthday dress. I found this pattern on Etsy and did a practice run with scrap fabric (see photo) to make sure I could do it. I’m in love with the way it turned out! I’ve bought special BIRD-day fabric, and Wrenn will proudly debut her new dress at the party. (Lord, please don’t let her have a blow-out diaper in her new dress before the party starts!)

I can’t wait to fill you in on the rest of the details! Also, in the meantime, don’t forget about my little Etsy Shop! That shop helps fund my fabric addiction.


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How to make an infinity scarf

As part of my Dream BIG goal for 2014, I’m trying to get out of my sewing comfort zone and learn to make new things. One of those things on my list was an infinity scarf. Seems simple enough – just a few straight edges – but thinking about how to have all of my seams on the inside and connecting the ends kind of makes my brain hurt. Geometry, math… these things are not my favorites.

But I did it… and I’m so happy with the outcome!

photo 1

I picked out some gorgeous fabric from JoAnn’s – don’t you just love the navy background with those beautiful flowers? Reminds me of spring.

I wanted my scarf to be full, so I didn’t cut it down but instead used the natural width of the fabric. If you wanted a slightly thinner scarf, you could trim it down by about half(ish).

I read through a written tutorial and THOUGHT I had it figured out, but there was one step I wasn’t super sure of. I just kind of made it up as I went. You have to sew everything inside out, and leave a tiny hole to then flip your fabric right side out. While it was inside out, I had the PERFECT infinity scarf. Amazing.

When I flipped it right side out?

photo 2

I had a giant pillowcase. Oops. No hole in the middle for your head. #infinityscarf #fail

So… I cut through one of the end seams and went with Plan B – a YouTube tutorial. (Thank goodness for YouTube.)

Ten minutes later, I had figured everything out and finished up my scarf. Total time for this project was less than an hour (it would have taken about 15 minutes if I had known what I was doing). I may never buy another scarf again – it’s way more fun to make my own!

photo 4

Since then I’ve worn it twice. And I love it so much I may sleep in it.

photo 5


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New in the shop – Ruffle Butt Onesies & a New Print

I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for a baby with a ruffle butt. I just can’t help myself (also – that smile! makes a mama melt)

ruffle butt

Which is why I’ve decided to make a few ruffle butt onesies for the shop. These particular onesies are size 0-3 months made of organic cotton and perfect for a baby gift for that next shower. I added a few yo-yo’s to the front because besides chevron and ruffles, well, yo-yo’s are one of my favorite things.


(link to listing in the shop)

yellow gray

(link to listing in the shop)

Everything on the onesie has finished edges, which means no fraying. If these sell quickly, I’ll be adding some more, but they’ll be slightly more expensive.

Also, if you’re in the market for a baby gift, don’t forget this print, which is available for instant download (which means no waiting for shipping):

Quiver Full2

Now excuse me while I go kiss on my baby model some more…

The Story of My Strip & Flip Baby Quilt

Some of my friends may remember that for several years I was a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Since at the time I was terrified of young children (silly me), I signed up for a teenager, and I ended up getting the coolest teenager in town – Stephanie. We spent four years together, going through some pretty major life experiences and changes, and I got to watch her grow up to be a beautiful woman.

That was several years ago. When I found out that Stephanie was expecting a baby boy, I just had to make little Grayson a baby quilt. I used this tutorial, and was able to whip it up in just a few sittings.

 Again, I used a Moda jelly roll for the front, and then snagged this back fabric on sale from JoAnn’s. Mr. Right thinks it makes him dizzy, but I thought the colors and crazy pattern tie in well with the LOUD front. Sometimes I love stepping out of my muted color comfort zone and just “going for it.”

I quilted in the “ditch” on all the colored fabric, then did several vertical lines up the white sashing to add a little extra texture. I try not to over-quilt baby quilts because I want them to stay soft and squishy for the little ones using them.

Last night I got to give the quilt to sweet Stephanie, mama-to-be, and my forever friend. I can’t wait to hold that sweet baby boy of hers!

Chocolate wisdom and leopard ruffles

Isn’t that just one of the greatest quotes ever? What a treat when I opened my beloved little chocolate from a secret stash bequeathed to me by a coworker. That stash is only for the most special of occasions… like when I try to cut back on caffeine. Which I’m trying to do – not an easy task when you average about six cups of coffee a day… on a good day.
My goal is two cups a day. Today I made it to two cups of coffee and a Diet Coke because I met a dear friend at Chick-fil-a, and I just couldn’t bring myself to order water. I was so strong on Paleo and so weak now that I’m off of it. I think I’m a total all-or-nothing kind of girl. Dang it.
This past weekend I threw a classy bachelorette party for one of my dearest friends who is getting married next week. I absolutely can’t wait, it’s going to be one of those weddings of the year, helped by the fact that it also happens to be a dear, dear friend. And there will be good food. And my dress is somewhat forgiving. And I’m wearing nude pumps that would make Kate Middleton swoon. It’s a win-win.
I promise to post new pictures soon, but wanted to show off my fancy new ruffled tablecloth. I learned how to make this on YouTube — ahh, YouTube, you have changed my life so. Mr. Right wasn’t a fan of the leopard print and pink ruffles, somehow he doesn’t find it as neutral (and awesome) as I do. When I assured him that I could re-use some of the fabric I purchased for the party in our house – he wasn’t so game. So I may have to make some leopard ruffle pillows for my new etsy shop.
Speaking of etsy shops – I promise you I’m working hard on creating inventory so I actually have something to post. Because as beautiful as an empty shop is… well, it really isn’t very beautiful. In the meantime, I have a few friends who have inquired about special items… if you have something you want, I am happy to create something ahead of time before I launch the store. Just leave me a comment and we can discuss. 
And to the sweet person who stopped Mr. Right yesterday at church and told him that she can’t wait to buy something from my little shop – you are officially my very favorite person. You know who you are (ahem, Michelle–BLESS YOU)
Speaking of Mr. Right – I got to help him out at church yesterday. He’s usually busy running all over the place and we never actually see each other at church, and I’ve busied myself by volunteering behind the scenes with the production staff – mostly because I get to wear a cool ear piece and headset and look official and stuff.  Kind of like a member of the FBI, but in a dress. But now, one week out of the month I’m officially Mr. Right’s right-hand-gal helping him with a new member class he teaches. I do very important things like sign people in, hand out books and pick up response cards. Basically the class couldn’t run without me. Okay, it could. But I like to be helpful and it’s nice to serve Mr. Right and my church at the same time. Besides, I love to hear him teach and love on people. 

And since my sweet nephew Luke has been hogging all the pictures on the blog lately (my goodness, isn’t he adorable?) I thought I’d include a picture of our beloved niece Ella. We got to hang out at the pool yesterday, swam with our favorite girl, I watched Mr. Right do flips off the high dive, and then we ate a huge dinner on the patio overlooking the pool. It was a pretty great outing.

Ella will be a big sister in October and we will gain another adorable nephew who will probably hog the blog with all his cuteness. And of course I’m about to start his baby quilt, which may also delay my pillows. Thanks for your patience, I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having getting geared up.

A crazy busy girl with some wild dreams (and a picture of a cute baby if you make it to the end)

Starting a teeny tiny little business out of your house is SO MUCH FUN. It’s the most fascinating thing I’ve ever done – to figure out all the ins and outs of what I want to do and then how to make it a reality.

Like, I hired a CPA. Because having a small business requires all sorts of tax-y things (like paying sales tax, complicating my income taxes, and giving me some wonderful write-offs that are kind of awesome).

I purchased supplies. And organized my sewing studio.

I chose a name. And designed a logo. I can’t wait to show it you, but as with any true marketer, I’ve got to build up some suspense. (You know, like the do on The Bachelor… the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!)

I went to the Post Office to figure out shipping stuff. That wasn’t nearly as much fun as organizing up my sewing studio.

I created my first piece of merchandise. I’ve got to make several more before I launch, and I’ve got to take pictures with a better, fancier camera than my iPhone.

It’s a list-making-girl’s dream. And also a lot more involved than I thought when a few friends told me they’d like to buy a pillow from me.
But it’s a true adventure, nonetheless, and the process is as much fun as the end result. Which I really hope involves selling a few things. Not enough to get rich, but enough to supplement that habit of mine of buying fabric… and clothes. But mostly fabric.
So stay tuned for an official announcement and virtual grand opening for my little online shop. If you were here, I’d probably serve you some Diet Coke and my husband’s famous chocolate banana cupcakes. But let’s face it, if you buy a pillow from me, I will probably figure out a way to get you that chocolate banana cupcake as a big-hearted thank you. Heck, we might even cook you dinner. We’re a sucker for dinner parties.
And even though this doesn’t have anything to do with ruffled pillows,  this little man is one of my very favorite people on the planet at the moment – here’s another picture of my precious nephew who turned one month old today.

God bless America. Can I get an amen?


You know I love to quilt, but I’ve been looking for some quicker, less-expensive projects to serve as gifts (and who knows, maybe one day can go in an Etsy store to fund my fabric stash). I’ve had some ideas for pillows swimming around in my head for a year now, and finally had time between quilt projects to give two of them a try.

Ruffle My Feathers Pillow

Lately I’ve been obsessed with ruffles and this gal was easy-peasy. I just sewed up a stack of ruffles and then machine-stitched them onto a matching square of fabric. I used a light-weight cotton and hand-stitched it shut at the bottom. This became a birthday gift to a dear friend. 

We’ve Come Full Circle Pillow

This pillow was inspired by a set of pillows we got as wedding gifts from Crate & Barrel. Ever since I got it, I’ve wanted to recreate it on a smaller scale. I just took some felt I had leftover from making a Christmas wreath, used a few items I had laying around my sewing studio to trace the circles, and then hand-stitched them onto a matching square. Next time I do this I’ll probably do it on my machine, but I was a little worried that my free-motion quilting might be a bit wobbly on those little circles. 
I think I may make some in red and white, or green and white, for Christmas presents. They would be so cheerful!