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One of my friends from church asked me to design something for a loved one who is having surgery. This is the verse she is clinging to – it’s beautiful, isn’t it? I always see it in terms of government – I don’t put my eternal trust in a politician, I know my hope comes from Someone much higher than that. But when facing any kind of battle – be it a surgery, an ailment, a challenge at work, something on the home front, a sick kiddo – what a wonderful truth to plaster on your forehead and hide in your heart!

I shut down my shop because I decided I wanted to give things away. So here you go – a special Monday treat from me – a free download. May we all rise and stand upright today, thanks to the strength of our God!

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Peace and a Toddler’s Prayer



I prayed 2 Thessalonians 3:16 the whole time my nephew Sawyer was in the NICU.  Here is a prayer from my journal written on June 3:

You promised to give us peace at ALL times and in EVERY way. God, we need your peace now. Give it to us in abundance. Help us to trust you when we’re weak, scared, tired, hopeless. Give us more hope. More trust. More faith. More peace.

While life seemed like a roller coaster, God promised he would give us peace at all times and in every way. And he dd. He sustained my sister and brother-in-law and the rest of the family.  And I am confident that he always will. Because God keeps his promises.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a God who keeps his promises?


Sweet Sawyer came home from the NICU on Tuesday, June 16, and I think he has been held every single minute since. I know everybody rejoices over a new baby – because life is a MIRACLE – but with this baby… THIS BABY… well, we just can’t put him down. I want to smother him with kisses and keep him forever, but as his Aunt B I will settle for a lifetime of loving on him and spoiling him whenever possible. And a lifetime of thanking God for creating such a miracle. May I remember God’s goodness every single time I see him.

Speaking of goodness… you guys, my little Wrenn did something the other day that made my heart just explode with joy. We pray often with Wrenn – before meals and each night before bed – it’s a part of our routine. She and I had sat down for dinner (Mr. Right was at a church meeting), and did our regular meal prayer and then started eating. A few minutes later she stopped me, reached over the table to grab my hand, and said, “Pray. Pray!”

I asked her who she wanted to pray for. We pray for family members and friends as well as choo choo trains and puppies and bugs. She told me she wanted to pray for “Yuke” (her cousin Luke, Sawyer’s big brother). So, I held her hand and bowed my head and started to pray, and then she stopped me and said, “BABY! Yuke and baby!”

It was my child’s way of saying she wanted to pray for Baby Sawyer. Oh, what a sweet, innocent heart who has no idea what is going on, and yet she has heard us pray for Baby Sawyer over and over these past few weeks. And she felt compelled to pray for him, in that moment. She has such a limited understanding and yet she wants to pray.

God, bless all of these little children in our family!

THIS is the day. THIS DAY!

This is the day

What if we lived like THIS IS THE DAY. THIS DAY. TODAY! This is the one we’ve been waiting all our lives for! Yes, it just happens to be a Wednesday, sandwiched in the middle of a crazy week. But God created THIS DAY. For me! And he has all sorts of things planned just for today. People I will encounter. Folks who need love. Today, God has ordained so many things, just for me.

And maybe for you too? Would you join me in choosing joy, just for today? Friends, we can totally do it. Together. You and me. And look for little glimpses of God in the tiny details of our day. Pray he opens our eyes to him, just a little wider than yesterday.

I hope you have a BIG DAY today, filled with God’s wonders. May we rejoice and be glad.


I have two posts this week over on the Fort Worth Moms Blog. I wrote about Caring for My Asthma Kid, and also my Mother’s Guide to Herb Gardening. Also, if you’re in DFW and you’re looking for some fun new restaurants that are AWESOME for take-out (because let’s face it… taking kiddos to restaurants isn’t always the most relaxing thing), I wrote this post a few weeks back featuring some of our favorite haunts around town.


Let’s try this again… a free print!

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Isn’t this the loveliest verse? That the God of the universe, the one who created the heavens and the earth, who created me… that he would promise to help me?

My friend, whatever it is you’re struggling with today, don’t fear. Your God – the biggest and most wonderful and most powerful God you could imagine – wants to hold your hand as you walk through life. He wants to help you. This means that today, you can choose be brave.

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When you hear “We’ll have your test results tomorrow” and you forget all that scripture you used to know

bad news

Twice in the past six months we’ve heard a doctor say, “We’ll have the test results tomorrow,” and known that those results could potentially change our lives. Forever.

First was last fall, when Mr. Right had an MRI to rule out cancer and M.S. as the cause of his facial pain and swelling, which was mimicking shingles but turned out not to be shingles. We spent a long night looking at each other nervously, wondering if the next day we would hear the dreaded words, “cancer.” Or, “M.S.”

I’d like to say that I was calm and quoted scripture and had total faith that God was in control. But I’d be lying. Instead, I did a lot of crying and fretting and begging God to not let it be either of those horrible things. To let my husband be okay. I knew in my gut that I trusted God, that he was a good God and that he was in control, but I wish that that truth had translated into calmness on the outside.

It didn’t. And I stayed up all night worrying.

The next day we got the results… all clear. Some of the most beautiful words we’ve ever heard.

And then we heard those words again last week. “We’ll have the test results first thing in the morning.” This time those words were for my daughter, who was on week three of a mysterious fever that just wouldn’t go away. The doctor was concerned she might have Kawasaki Disease, something that can cause major heart damage in young children. The doctor was so concerned that he ran a STAT (rushed) blood test and told us if the results came back positive the following morning, our baby girl would be immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment. He used words like “heart cath” and “serious.”

As a mama, well, my heart stopped. While we were in the waiting room, waiting to get little Wrenn’s blood drawn, Mr. Right told me we’d be okay, that he was confident that the results would be fine. Our baby girl looked healthy. And I had to tell him that I couldn’t speak, because I might break down in tears right there in the waiting room.

And then I went home and cried and held my precious child and prayed over her. I knew our Sunday School class and family were praying for us, specifically that we would be calm and get some sleep, and we actually did. All three of us had an amazing night of sleep, which was a miracle. And the next morning God woke me up early and he and I spent some great time together, me handing my child over to him in my prayers, telling God that I knew he could sustain us through anything, even a hospital stay. That I knew that God loved my child even more than I did.

It wasn’t pretty. There were tears, but there was me clinging to God’s promise that he wouldn’t leave or forsake me. That his peace would be with me.

And about 9:30 that morning, we got the news that the tests came back clear. It wasn’t Kawasaki Disease. And we celebrated.


We finally found out today that it was simply a UTI. That, along with a long bout of croup at the beginning, and what I think may have been teething, and possibly a bout of Hand Foot Mouth has caused little Wrenn’s body to have a fever for 22 days in a row. But through it all, he has protected my little girl, from asthma complications, from Kawasaki Disease, from many other things I don’t even know about. He has been good to us. And we are thankful.

I hope we never have to hear the words, “We’ll have the test results in the morning” again, but if I do, I hope that each time, I will be a little stronger as I cling to God’s promises of comfort and peace and strength.

Peace, love, and a contest winner


Praise the Lord for a God who loves us with an unshakable love, whose peace can never be taken away, who shows compassion on me. His mercies are new every morning, aren’t they?

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for the Adopting Dallas t-shirt. So much has happened since I wrote that post – they are suddenly six weeks away from having a baby boy! Can you believe it?! Not only that but they raised about $5,000 in just one week, and you, dear friends, were a part of it.

There’s still time to order a shirt, but the deadline is February 9.

And now for the winner of the free shirt! Congrats to Diana, who’s a new mom herself. Watch your mailbox for a special delivery!


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I am all He says I am

I am all

Does anybody else have that still, small voice that tends to tell you lies? You know the kind: you’re not good enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not thin enough. You’re not as good of a homemaker as you should be, you’re not the mother you should be, you’re not a good enough friend, daughter, sister, employee, person. If only did more this… if only you were more like that… but you’ll never get there.

My friend, I have to battle every single day against this awful little voice that pushes me toward perfectionism. It’s a lie, it’s unhealthy, and it’s not of God. But take heart – God has overcome the world, and the God of the universe has chosen YOU. He defines you. He has called you beloved, he sings over you, he knows your name. He has called you daughter, heir, friend, his bride.

I heard a speaker this week who said that Jesus calls us his bride. If you think about a groom and the way he looks at his bride as she walks down the aisle… he doesn’t see her imperfections, her insecurities, her shortcomings. He sees her as his beloved.

My friend, you are defined by who GOD SAYS YOU ARE. Be blessed by these lyrics to my new favorite song (source at the bottom).

He whispers in my ear
Tells me that I’m fearless
He shares a melody
Tells me to repeat it
And it makes me whole
It reminds my soul

I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
And He says I am His own

I was blinded by scales upon my eyes
Then He came like a light
And burned up all the lies
He set me free
He reminded me

I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
And He says I am His own

Chains are broken
Scales are on the floor
Truth is spoken
I’m no orphan anymore

I am loved
I am new again
I am free
I’m no slave to sin
I’m saint
I am righteousness
I’m alive> 

{Source: Gateway Worship – All He Says I Am}


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God of Hope

God of Hope

Doesn’t this verse just encourage your soul? Whether you’re in the midst of a major trial or enjoying a time of peace, you can celebrate that we worship a God of HOPE, who wants US to overflow with hope. He wants to give us joy and peace… not just a little, but ALL joy and peace!

If you need a little reminding of that this week, I hope you’ll enjoy a free download of this print I designed. Blessings, my friend!


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