By the way, I’ve lost 10 pounds


I’ve lost 10 pounds. Can I say that again? I HAVE LOST 10 POUNDS.

Man, those are sweet words to say!

In my last post, I talked about how (1) I stopped nursing, (2) went on a diet, and (3) was really hungry. After talking to a friend who happens to be a personal trainer, I found out that 1200 calories (the recommendation by My Fitness Pal, the iPhone app I’m using), is too few. That’s why I felt so hungry and run-down. She tweaked my goal to 1400-1500 calories a day, and you know what, turns out that is PLENTY of food. It’s totally sustainable, y’all.

I’m averaging somewhere around 1350 calories a day if you look at a weekly average (I love My Fitness Pal because it lets you look at charts and graphs… which motivates me to trade that donut for a banana). Before this diet, I used to have, oh, about two cheat meals a day. Now I have about two cheat meals a week, and even when I have those cheat meals, I try to watch my portion sizes. And you know what? I feel so much better.

Crazy how that works. Not stuffing yourself until it hurts = feeling kind of good. Not eating a bunch of junk = having more energy. I’m exercising some, but not as my primary way to lose weight. I’m losing weight because of nutrition.

I write down every single thing I eat, every single day, in my app. I have a couple of friends (two fellow moms losing baby weight with me, and one girl who’s getting married), and every day they can see if I was under my calorie goal for the day. I told them it’s like a walk of shame if they see that I missed my goal. It’s the motivation I need.

I’ll post more on what I’m eating later – mostly I’m focusing on a super healthy breakfast of eggs + fruit, and substituting snacks and junk for fruit and yogurt, and following recommended portion sizes. But let me say it one more time… I HAVE LOST 10 POUNDS.

{this is me doing a happy dance}



  1. Awesome!! I still got about 9lbs to go but I’m still nursing. (Baby’s only 4 months old). Can’t wait to do my happy dance!


    1. I didn’t lose any of the baby weight (except for the initial loss in the first two weeks after she was born) until I stopped nursing. While I was nursing it was just too hard to limit my calories. Hang in there – you’ve got plenty of time!


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