Bicycles & Boys’ Night

We got a sneak peak of our photo session from this weekend… and I squealed when I saw it (thanks Mack & Chelsea!). Mr. Right and I love to ride these adorable vintage bikes around our neighborhood and along the Trinity Trail, and they’ve been a big part of some of my very favorite dates, so I’m thrilled that we were able to document these babies in some casual pictures.

In other news, last night was the first-ever Boys Night at our place. My little house has been home to dozens of girls’ nights – teaching an all-girls’ Sunday School class for so many years, along with living alone for part of that time and hankering for company, meant that my house has seen more Bachelor-watching parties, dinner parties, and wedding showers than you could possibly count. Heck, this year I even hosted a pre-royal wedding dinner party.

But whereas my parties usually involve chocolate, dainty finger foods and massive quantities of Diet Coke, guys’ night involved several pounds of bacon and sausage, along with 8 pounds of beef from a cow that used to live in my in-laws’ front yard–which I think is quite appropriate for a guy’s night, don’t you think? (insert grunting and scratching here)

I have no idea what these boys did all evening, but I do know that THEY DID THE DISHES. When I got home from spending the evening with my parents, there wasn’t a single dirty dish in our house. Everything had been put away. Even our countertops were sparkling.

Those boys can come back any time they want.

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