A slightly pitiful Christmas wrap-up

Christmas this year was both wonderful and awful. Wonderful because I got to spend quality time with both sides of the family. Awful because I ended up spending Christmas day alone on my couch, sicker than I’ve been at any other point in this pregnancy. It was the pits.

But back to the good parts. It was a huge treat to see all members of both sides of our immediate families (including two new nephews and our adorable niece with her pink cowboy hat and new pony), plus our aunt from England (we sure missed my uncle, who wasn’t able to make the trip). We were blessed with great conversation and gifts more generous than we deserved. Plus it was fun to give some of the presents Mr. Right and I made ourselves, and a relief to not have to keep those as secrets anymore. Neither of us is good at keeping secrets, so it was a small miracle that we didn’t tell each other what our gifts were.

Which for the record: Mr. Right gave me something I had been asking for… a family recipe book. He’s an amazing cook, but never works off of recipes (and I only cook off of recipes) so I had been asking him to write down our favorites so I could make them too. He did, and I love my new book. I, in turn, gave him a custom Texas Lovely print featuring a quote he had asked me to make something with months ago.

The actual Christmas day involved me crying four different times – hello pregnancy hormones. I cried when Mr. Right gave me my Christmas presents, I cried when he said something sentimental. I cried at an episode of How I Met Your Mother (which is how I know it was hormones), and I cried in bed that night in frustration that this nausea thing continues to drag on, and not just serve as an annoyance but hinder me from doing just about anything. Sweet Mr. Right was there to listen and reassure me that this season will pass, even though in the moment it feels like a forever kind of thing.

In God’s infinite grace, the next day I felt significantly better, I got a good night’s sleep (after waking up at 4:00 a.m. on Christmas morning), and my spirits were raised. I continue to look like a total wreck, but I’m thankful for good days sprinkled in the midst of the crummy ones.

If you can, please say a little prayer for our doctor’s appointment today. We have another ultrasound to see our little kumquat, and while I’m confident everything is okay, those words (high risk) still haunt me, and I’ll feel better after I know things are still on track. I’ll be 11 weeks along on Saturday, so I’m very, very close to being out of the woods. I know my God is in complete control and won’t be the least bit surprised by our appointment later today – please pray that my mind will find peace.


  1. As a mommy, you will continue to have those random crying moments. I think hormones continue to be out of whack during the raising if children, also! Thankfully, husbands learn that we girls just need to “get it out” sometimes and don’t read too much in to it 🙂

    Hang in there sweet girl! I know you just want to ENJOY your little treasure and I’m sure that’s hard to do when you feel yucky most of the time! I’ll be praying that you feel encouraged after putting your eyes on that little one during the ultrasound!


    1. Thanks Jenny! I’ve decided that much of pregnancy is to prepare you for when the baby comes (like getting up 5 times a night to go to the bathroom, which I guess is preparing me for middle of the night feelings?) I appreciate your prayers!


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