A load off my shoulders

Working on my masters is kind of a beating. Yes, it makes me smarter. And yes, I actually like it at times. I enjoy being in class if I have a good professor who’s passionate about her topic, and good classmates who are nice and offer different perspectives than mine. The last two semesters I have lucked out and really bonded with the other people in my classes. Heck, I just had a reunion with the gals from last semester. That part is fun.

But when it comes time to do the homework, I’m so bored by it. I’ll admit, though, I think it has stretched me. I remember my first paper four semesters ago, I was terrified to turn it in. Ironic, since I write constantly for my job. But it’s different when it’s graded.

Which explains why I feel such relief tonight. Ten minutes ago I emailed my research paper over to my professor, a full 24 hours before the deadline! Woo hoo! I feel like going for a run or something to celebrate. Except that it’s almost 10:00, and since it’s daylight savings time, it’s more like 11:00, and I have to get up in the morning and teach Sunday School. And then put in a patio. So I think running this late might be a bad idea. But I’m still really excited to be finished. At least, until the next assignment.

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