A little poop and an open letter to Baby Luke

My day began with stepping in a giant pile of dog poop in the backyard, and then tracking it throughout my house before realizing it was stuck to the bottom of my flip flop. And all over my feet.

How did your day start?

Luckily my day quickly improved, and I didn’t get any poop on our carpet. These are big wins, people.

And now to something much more important: an open letter to my sweet nephew Luke.

Dear Luke,

Your Aunt B can’t wait to meet you, and I’m afraid you may already take after me, for I, too, tend to run a little behind schedule, trying to fit too many fun things in, always forgetting how long it takes to do my hair, and habitually underestimating the length of my commute. Not to mention all of the traffic from road construction.

So I totally understand that it’s easy to be a few minutes late. But sweet Baby Luke, you’re already a day late. A whole day. I would never be that late to something. It’s just not good manners, my child.

Plus your dear mama (my sister) is so anxious to meet you, and hold you, and love on you for the first time. She’s waited so patiently for the past 40 weeks, and now every day seems like an eternity. Plus it’s awfully hot outside – I don’t blame you for not wanting to make your grand entrance in this blazing Texas heat, but trust me, it won’t get any cooler. And your mama is hot – help a girl out.

Please, please come out to play. I promise when you do, you’ll be greeted with so many people who have loved you before you were even, well, you.

Sweet Baby Luke, I prayed for you years ago, before your mama even married your dad. I prayed back when the doctors told your mama that she might never be able to have a baby. We knew that our God was bigger than that, and so we started praying immediately that you would prove those doctors wrong. And we never stopped praying, and you DID prove those doctors wrong! You’re almost here!

Your aunts and uncles and grandparents promise to keep on praying for you after you’re born. So let’s hurry this thing up and get your birthday party started. I’m free tonight, if you are. Please, oh please, don’t make us wait any longer.

From your favorite aunt,

PS- I promise to end this crazy Paleo diet before your first birthday so I can indulge in a little birthday cake. Not that I’m craving sugar or anything. No, not at all.

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