A crazy busy girl with some wild dreams (and a picture of a cute baby if you make it to the end)

Starting a teeny tiny little business out of your house is SO MUCH FUN. It’s the most fascinating thing I’ve ever done – to figure out all the ins and outs of what I want to do and then how to make it a reality.

Like, I hired a CPA. Because having a small business requires all sorts of tax-y things (like paying sales tax, complicating my income taxes, and giving me some wonderful write-offs that are kind of awesome).

I purchased supplies. And organized my sewing studio.

I chose a name. And designed a logo. I can’t wait to show it you, but as with any true marketer, I’ve got to build up some suspense. (You know, like the do on The Bachelor… the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!)

I went to the Post Office to figure out shipping stuff. That wasn’t nearly as much fun as organizing up my sewing studio.

I created my first piece of merchandise. I’ve got to make several more before I launch, and I’ve got to take pictures with a better, fancier camera than my iPhone.

It’s a list-making-girl’s dream. And also a lot more involved than I thought when a few friends told me they’d like to buy a pillow from me.
But it’s a true adventure, nonetheless, and the process is as much fun as the end result. Which I really hope involves selling a few things. Not enough to get rich, but enough to supplement that habit of mine of buying fabric… and clothes. But mostly fabric.
So stay tuned for an official announcement and virtual grand opening for my little online shop. If you were here, I’d probably serve you some Diet Coke and my husband’s famous chocolate banana cupcakes. But let’s face it, if you buy a pillow from me, I will probably figure out a way to get you that chocolate banana cupcake as a big-hearted thank you. Heck, we might even cook you dinner. We’re a sucker for dinner parties.
And even though this doesn’t have anything to do with ruffled pillows,  this little man is one of my very favorite people on the planet at the moment – here’s another picture of my precious nephew who turned one month old today.

God bless America. Can I get an amen?


  1. Psst… we'd be happy to take some “real” pictures of your merchandise for your webstore. We'd do it in trade for pillows for our new bedroom. 🙂 Lemme know!


  2. Oooh! I second the ruffled euro sham request. We registered for some fancy, over-priced ruffled shams at Pottery Barn. I'm guessing there's a reason no one has bought them yet 😉 Can't wait for the big reveal! Congrats!


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