30 Days of Thankful… A little late in starting

I’ve decided to jump on the November thankfulness bandwagon with the rest of the blog and Facebook world. What better way to remind myself that there is so much to be thankful for?

My brain feels so scattered right now that I just realized today is Wednesday. I’ve spent the whole day confident that it’s Tuesday, and have probably confused a vendor when I emailed her in a panic asking  her to move up her delivery to Wednesday at noon… only the email was sent Wednesday at 3:30.

So of course I’m a day late at starting my thankful list. These days we’re just lucky I remembered to take a shower. (I was going to say “lucky I remembered to wear underwear” but my pastor reads this blog now, so I will choose my words wisely…) But I’m thankful that my sweet friends love me in spite of my disorganized moments, which seem to be increasing in frequency.

So here we go, a day late, and in no particular order. I’m sure there will be lot’s of mushy thankfulness this month, but I didn’t want to dive straight in… better to get my toes wet with something a bit more light hearted and less weighty.

1. I am thankful for encouraging people. Lately they’ve come in all shapes and sizes, from a coworker sending me a kind note at home to a friend from Colorado sending me a homemade scarf and knitted bag to a sweet note from an old friend from high school (thanks Cara) and my old Sunday School teacher who told me she felt the need to pray for me. Plus my two wonderful families and a few close girlfriends who I just adore. Encouraging people are just so much fun… and I just love being around them. So for YOU, the encouragers, I’m thankful!

2. I am thankful for hot drinks and cold fall days – as I sit here wrapped in a scarf (and my new skinny jeans – which were terrifying to buy but now I love them) and sipping on hot green tea, watching a hazy gray sky and anticipating a cold front rolling in tonight that will be fireplace-worthy… I am thankful for fall. It’s probably the most glorious season of the year. Someone please remind me to ask my husband to pick up some firewood. I would tell him myself, but I’ll probably forget.

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