2009 In Review

This is a little tradition I started back in 2007 (you can read 2007 here and 2008 here). It’s fun to look back over the year as I start to make my resolutions for 2010.

Where did you begin 2009?
I hosted a New Year’s karaoke party at my place. The best part was having the karaoke machine all to myself for an extra day. I may or may not have sung every song on the CD… twice. I swear I sound JUST LIKE Alicia Keyes when nobody is around. Promise.
What random cool things happened in 2009?
I walked barefoot on the beach in San Diego. I rode a horse in a blizzard in Colorado. I saw South Beach in Miami during spring break (THAT was scary!). I floated the river in New Braunfels. I hiked a medieval wall overlooking the sea in Croatia. I roamed the streets of Florence alone, eating my weight in croissants and gelato. I auditioned for a reality television show. I flew first class for the first time. My sister got married. One of my articles got published in a real-live journal. The singles ministry at my church exploded (in a good way). I finally finished that masters degree.
Favorite books from 2009?
Don’t laugh – but 20o9 was the year of the Twilight novel (actually, all four). I also read A Voice in the Wind, Black Like Me (awesome!), The Razor’s Edge, Light on Snow, and at the moment I’m trodding through Wuthering Heights. I think that’s nine books in 12 months… not fantastic, but remember, I was also in school.

Do anything embarrassing?
Of course! I mooned a store full of people at Banana Republic. I had a meltdown at the Apple Store. I cooked a cucumber, mistaking it for a zucchini. I thought I poisoned a dinner guest with salmonella (turns out she was fine…). And many, many other silly, klutzy, wonderfully embarrassing things. But at least I didn’t set my hair on fire in 2009. Things are looking up, people.

New Question: What scripture did you study? (this is for me… fun to keep a record)
I taught Esther & the Psalms of Ascent in 2009, so I lived and breathed that scripture throughout the year. During my own personal study time (when I wasn’t preparing for my lesson) I went through a good part of the Old Testament (Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, Hosea, plus a good deal of time spent in the other Psalms that I wasn’t teaching). And as always, when I’m having a bad day/week, I go back to my favorites – 1 & 2 Corinthians and Romans… they’re like my comfort food.
Did you know anybody who got married?
My sister! Plus, I went to weddings for Tera & Lee, Katie & Justin, Rebecca & Tyler.
Did you move anywhere?
Thank you Jesus… no.
What sporting events did you attend?
Rangers games, a Cowboys game, a Baylor football game, a TCU football game, a Mavs game or two, and a marathon race. I’m in love with the new Cowboys Stadium, by the way. Never thought I’d say that.
Describe your birthday:
I had my first ever surprise party! It was so fun and I was definitely surprised! You can read about it here.
What’s something you learned about yourself?
I learned that if someone is in the hospital, you should visit them. Or bring them a meal. Anything to be sure they realize that they’re remembered.
I learned that if you’re praying for someone, you should tell them… because they probably need to hear it. The girls in my Sunday School class–so many of them–provided such good encouragement at different times throughout the year with little cards and emails and phone calls. They’re a wonderful reminder that we’re here to reflect God’s glory (and love) to other people.
Speaking of which… in 2009 I heard God speak more loudly and more clearly than probably any other time in my life. It was wonderful and humbling and encouraging and convicting. Praying for more of that blessing in 2010.
I learned the hard way the importance of taking time to rest, before life forces you to do it anyway.
Were you in school this year?
Yep… I took five classes in 2009. But you already knew that. I also spoke at a couple of junior high schools and to some college classes at TCU and UTA.
Any new additions to your family?
I gained a new brother-in-law whom I just adore. And he and my sister adopted a new puppy… a Goldendoodle named Rusty. He’s a maniac, but he’s a cute maniac.
Made new friends?
That’s the beautiful thing about life… it’s always bringing new folks into your path. I made some really fun new friends this year… both guys and girls. I’d list their names but don’t want to leave anybody out.
Favorite night out?
When I was in Santorini, Greece, I sat on a patio for about four hours, enjoyed a leisurely dinner and watched the sun set behind a nearby volcano. When the sun finally disappeared, everybody cheered. How often have you seen folks cheer for a sunset? Only in Greece…
What do you want to change in 2010?
I want to cook more and read more. Be waiting for a dinner party invitation from me very soon.
Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?
If you don’t count TCU and church, I spent a good amount of time hanging out at the lake, laying out by the pool, or finding just about any excuse I could make to spend time outdoors.
Do you have a new year’s resolution?
Besides cooking and reading? You’ll have to stay tuned…
What was your favorite purchase?
Plane tickets. My iPhone. And maybe the Words with Friends App (shout out).
Did you get sick this year?
After five years of never taking a sick day at work, I took my fair share in 2009. I got the “regular” flu in February (2 weeks of fever and 25 blogs) and then got the “swine” flu in September (cake compared to the regular flu). I also made my first trip to the ER for my crazy annoying asthma. But it was probably a good thing, because now I can say “I’m not just the spokesperson… I’m also a client.”
Start a new hobby?
I took salsa lessons for three months. Trust me, these hips don’t lie. Although they stutter occasionally.
What are you wishing for in 2010?
In 2010 I am looking forward to living a life of spontaneity. Less planning and more flying by the seat of my pants. I hope to squeeze in a trip or two, spend a ton of time with friends and family, and officially start (and maybe finish) the book that I’ve been mulling over in my head. And whatever plans I have will take backseat to what God has planned for me, because let’s face it, my friend, those are the only plans that really matter.

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